Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hakuna Matata..

Hello Blogsville!!!!!!!!!! How is everybody?? Its mid-week already, hope you all having a good week."i am"

I woke up today with Bob Marley`s 3 little birds playing on the radio & although i have heard this song a gazillion times,it just hit me in a special way today. I started picturing the "what if" scenarios i plant in my head  sometimes, especially when things ain`t right or my expectancy level is maybe too high or the goals i set for myself are not being achieved at the period i hoped it would. I must admit i worry & just realized it crossed alil into the too much side of things..

Worry like every other thing on the planet can be good in some ways e.g ( fastening your seat belts coz you dont wanna come out the windscreen after a crash,studying coz you might fail if you don't insuring your valuable etc...but the dark side of worrying leads to a lot of scary disorders"sparing you a list coz this isn't a  psychology class".

All i`m just trying to say is as humans we all worry but we must please try  NOT TO WORRY TOO MUCH coz we doing more harm to ourselves by worrying TOO MUCH...."Note To Self"

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women`s Day...

   M-- Marvelous
A-- Adorable
N-- Nice

Erm i just wanna add that you still the most complicated,hard to live with you and even harder without you...

Happy International Women`s Day..