Thursday, January 1, 2015

From Victoria To The World.

Hello Everybody & Welcome To 2015,I Pray Its Going To Be Fruitful,Prosperous & Awesome.. How have y`all been & how was your festive season?? I`ve been good and upto alot of Indiana Jones / Christopher Columbus stuff which i must say is fun . Anyway,to the main post. From Victoria to The World. A little intro, Victoria is an awesome,loving,kind,caring and umm sometimes a pain in your behind young lady who despite her tender age can be really deep at times. She composed this as my New year Present and i thought i shared with the WORLD.


  Life Is An Oblivion Journey,We Will Never Truely Know What
Awaits Us Around The Corner Nor Will We Ever Stop Chasing 
Our Hopes & Dreams .Unfortunately For Many,These Desires 
We Long For Die Before Our Souls,Leaving Us Lost & Seeking.
 I`ve Realized That 1 of The Most Remarkable Or Most Valuable 
Things ln Life Are The Things We Purchased With Our Hearts
We Must Learn To Appreciate,We Must Learn To Fight Through 
Our Failures & Deceit .As Breathing Creatures,We Are Rich.
Some Say Life is Not a Race,Yet We all Running.Only God
Knows Why. The Rest Is Still Unwritten Or Maybe There Is No
Finish Line For The Weak.

Victoria Ama Okai.

Her New Year Message To The WORLD.

Once Again,Welcome To 2015.
I`m Ghost.