Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love Me Now..

When i die
Your tears will flow,
but i won`t know,
Cry for me now instead.

You'll send flowers
but i wont see,
send them now instead.

You'll say words of praise,
but i won`t hear,
praise me now instead.

You'll forget my faults
but i won`t know,
forget them now instead.

You'll miss me then
but i won`t know,
miss me now instead..

You'll wish you spent more time with me
Spend it now instead.

You'll wish you loved me more
Love me now instead.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Time well spent is a kind word
A passionate dance
An opportunity not to be misused
A problem shared
A moment to think
A cool Drink
It`s an idea realised
A friend made
A bridge built
A love expressed
A dream brought to life
It`s a commitment overheard
A glance caught
A deal forged
A song sung
A poem remembered
Time well spent is a conversation that`s about to start

Ps.. I did not compose this,i memorized it at Vodafone`s office and thought it wise to share coz it kept playing in my head . 

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Happy New Month & Happy Independence To Nigeria..

Friday, September 14, 2012


Today was one of those days, Yep just one of those days. 
A day where the birds walked And we flew
Today was one of those days when I would 
tell you I love you a zillion & 1 times.
Today was one of those days You would
sneak up and hug my tightly from behind. 
A day Red roses turned black and smelled like you.
A day where just 2 people occupied planet earth U & I.
Today was one of those days Where we sang and 
we danced like we won the lottery.
Today was one of those days we hold hands and
cannon ball into the pool.
Today was one of those days were we go chill at
the beach all night ignoring the crazy cold wind.
Today was a good day,a day to love and be Loved.

*Sigh* Extracted From My Ocean Of Memories :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

432000 Secs Later.

Hello Blogsville.. How have Y`all been & How was your weekend ?? As i always say "i`m still breathing so yea" .
Its been a min since i gave Intel as to whats going on with me and what i have been upto to,i feel theres too much going on,the best to do is filter,filter,filter till i reach a blog friendly state. I have been good though. :)

Just wanna say thanks for the birthday wishes,i really appreciate the love. After 432000secs,i`m Still looking out for the weird changes that comes with being +1 besides the message below which i found whiles strolling down the streets of blogsville,i saw it & was like Mehn this message defo was made for me so i decided to share with you.

Some People Are In Your Life For a Season,Some For a Reason & Some You Shouldn`t Have Let In Your Life. Its Never Too Late For Anything,Start Getting Rid Of Them.

 Till My Next Post,Peace Out. I`m Ghost!!
Have a Lovely week & Happy Eid Mubarak.!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

President Mills’s Last Letter to Rawlings.

If there‘s ever one great achievement I should praise myself after 68 years of existence on this turbulent planet called earth, then it was my ability to resist the temptation to reply you. Not only did you reduce my personality to that of a nonentity but you also created the platform for boys and girls young enough to be my children to subject me to ridicule and contempt.
Like a refuse dump, I endured all the insults and your humiliation with peerless stoicism. But today, I’m unable to keep quiet and allow you to go on this way. I make this appeal not for my own sake, but for the sake of Naadu and my family members, who are already swaying wearily under heavy weight of-indescribable grief.
I heard you on the BBC the other day and I couldn’t help but shed tears. I was not surprised that such words could come from you, but I was sad that after all these years of serving you and doing everything humanly possible to please you, you still have not found a place in your heart to recognize this.
Mr Rawlings, in that interview you said if I had done something wiser, I “could probably have survived another six or seven months.” This was after you said that the cancer affected my ear and eye and I could not concentrate for more than three hours a day.
I can’t tell if you were in the place of God to determine how long I could have lived. But what I know for a fact that if you, your wife and those who like you had shown me a little love, I could have lived for a few more years.
The deterioration in my health, I think, had more to do with psychological torture than a physiological breakdown.Any healthy person put in my shoes might not have survived after a few months of going through the hell you created for my presidency. What made the vulture bald is enough to kill the crow. And I can say that the frustration and depression that conspired with ill health to put me here after many years of battle was enough to finish any healthy person in months.
Mr Rawlings, I didn’t die a happy man. This is not because I had not paid my dues to our dear nation. I have served this nation well as a public officer, a sports administrator, a teacher and a politician. But I spent sleepless nights during my presidency thinking why nothing I did seemed to please you and others around you.
I was aware, long before I became president, that anybody in that position must expect opposition. But in my case, I had to contend with both internal and external opposition and nothing I did seemed to please people.
Ever since you granted that BBC interview, the discussion about my death has shifted from sympathy to blame. As usual, you’ve provided my detractors with weapons to attack and they are firing from all angles. And I don’t understand why you and my haters now care so much about my life.
Indeed, you’re behaving like outsiders weeping more than the bereaved and now pretend you now wanted me to live. Are you offended you will not have the opportunity to torment me again?
I must, however, say I have no regret going at this stage. I believe the Lord I served knew it would happen. He also permitted it to happen. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not ours. I know everything happens for a reason, and Ghana has more to gain that lose in my demise.
In the first place, my death brought about unity and has poured cold water on the tension that was hitting its climax in the run up to the 2012 elections. It is also the best thing that has happened to the NDC in recent times. Our party had too many factions with deeply entrenched positions. So dangerous was this that if I refused to contest the primaries, the party could have been torn into shreds.
But I think the party is now stronger than ever since we reclaimed power. This is not only good for the umbrella family, but also for the health of our democracy.
Another gain my death has for Ghana is the enormous lessons you have to learn. The events leading to my death only confirms what the Bible says in Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”
Many people swore that Atta-Mills would become the first one-term president in the Fourth Republic. And they have got it. That’s the fruit of their tongue.
In recent past, we heard about the Rawlings government and the Kufuor government. However, when it was my turn, it became the “Mills/Mahama” government.
First I thought it was an attempt to destroy the political future of my hardworking vice president by soiling him with any dirt of my administration. But it turned out to be what was uttered by the tongue of Ghanaians.
Perhaps, Ghanaians can learn to utter positive things about their nations and it will surely come to pass.
Another lesson from which Ghanaians stand to gain is the fact that life is meaningless and there’s no point hating, killing and trying to bring one another down because of power.
A few days ago, not many Ghanaians could come near the Osu Castle. I also had my private house cordoned off by security personnel and at any point in time someone had to be awake because of me.
From where I lie now, I see life as meaningless.
Now I share the same building with ordinary people. I sleep here together with that mad woman who was knocked down by a vehicle the other day, and many other categories of persons no one would want to be associated with. That is the reality of life, which I think Ghanaians should learn.
Death is, indeed, a leveller.
I also see now that life is not about wealth. Real wealth is the impact you make in the lives of others when you’re alive. When I was being rushed to the 37 Military Hospital that Tuesday afternoon, I did not pick with me an office pin. And when I was been dumped here, no designer wear was used to cover me. Here I am, cold and naked.
When you told your “Atta Mortuary Man” joke at our Tamale Congress, people think it was too insulting for my personality. But All of a sudden, I’m in the hands of mortuary man who utters disdainful words. “His Excellency John Evans Atta-Mills” was my name a few days ago. But the mortuary attendant contemptuously refers to me as “the body.”
I don’t know how much my ex-gratia would be, but what I know is that no pesewa would ever get to me. All is vanity, indeed.
Mr Rawlings, I see life differently and I think instead of spending the rest of your life to vilify me, you can do yourself a favour by learning from my life and death. No one will ever become a stone.
Everyone is bound to go. That is the certainty. What is uncertain is where, when and how we shall go. Yours may be better or worse than mine so be moderate in your attacks of me. You don’t know your end.
When I got to the office that Tuesday, I didn’t know that before sunset, I would cease to be the President of Ghana. Whether I lived longer or not, it would have come one day.
But as I have stated, I have no regrets. I lived my life for humanity. I wanted to see others happy and did the best I could to bring myself to the level of the ordinary person. But the quest to demonise me clouded everything I did. I tried to share the pain of others. But all I heard was that Atta-Mills is bad. I sometimes felt like weeping because only the negative side was known.
And they still believed every lie and malicious rumour about me even when some journalists came out to confess that they had been publishing falsehood about me.
Until my death, no journalist ever mentioned that I called to sympathise with them and apologise to them in person when others mishandled them. I was a true believer in quiet diplomacy and did not want to practice my piety in public as the good book admonishes us against. I could have called invited Cyrus De-Graft Johnson of Joy FM to the castle in the presence of cameras in order to score a political point. Or better still, I could have publicly called on the AMA Mayor to apologize to him after his guards manhandled the journalist.
Mr Rawlings, I don’t think the Atta Mills debate will end soon. But I appeal to you in the name of the Lord to spare me any more disgrace.
I have suffered a lot.
I know I was not an angel. I had my shortcoming. But is left with the Lord I served to judge me where I am now.
You too were not an angel either. Your administration fraught with problems but we helped you to succeed. There was corruption in your presidency and some of your ministers and government officials under your watch were later tried and jailed for corrupt practices. Even your wife was fingered and tried.
Our elders say a drum may sound differently from what its maker intended. If you think you were infallible, I think otherwise and I pray Ghanaians to forgive me in whatever way I erred.
I wish you well and hope that you will help to conduct the 2012 elections in a peaceful manner. We have no option but to make this country better for the future generation. This is the only country we have and we must not send our people out to be refugees in other lands. From where I lie, cold and naked, I don’t think it is worth dying for someone to gain power. I realised that Tuesday afternoon that when your time is up, no amount of power, wealth or influence can make any difference.
I greet all Ghanaians in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We shall all meet again when Christ appears, in all his glory and splendour, to welcome those who were never ashamed of Him into His eternal kingdom.
Until then I remain your humble servant,
John Evans FiifiAtta-Mills, or “the body” as the mortuary attendant here calls me.

*This Article was written by Manasseh Awuni Azure and was reproduced by the kind courtesy of

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Whats good BlogsVille..??? How have you guys Been??  I`m still breathing so yea..i`m ayt.

Have you guys heard this version of  Duncan Mighty`s *did not even know he sang the song lol* Obianuju?? Well maybe you have & i`m as usual the last person to find out but if u haven`t please listen and tell me what you think coz i think Efya killed it..


Have a nice Weekend.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unable to stay,Unwilling to leave..

I`m unable to stay
I`m unwilling to leave
my heart longs,its in search
In search of that inner peace that once was
That peace that makes the celestial bodies
seem next door
That peace that makes the fire of passion
burn like its got unlimited fuel supply
Till i find,I must Search
I`m unable to stay & Unwilling to leave

inspired by a very good movie :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy New Month.

Some Minutes ago,it was Jan 1st and now its July 1st
Welcome People
Happy New Month & Happy 4th July in Advance :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Dance..

                                     Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass,
                                           Its About Learning To Dance In The Rain.


Monday, May 14, 2012

I`ve Been Tagged..

Hello BlogsVille!!! Hows Y`all Doing?? hope you had an awesome weekend..Mine was OkaaaaY!!I was tagged twice by Rhapsody & 9jagreat  in the 11`s game so i have to fulfill the obligations that comes with it..

I. Post the rules.
II. You must post 11 things about yourself.
III. Answer the questions that your tagger posted for you.
IV. Create 11 questions,the choose 11 people & tag them to answer your questions.
V. Remember to let them know you tagged them,No tag backs.
VI. Let the tagger know when you answer their questions

11 Things about me..

1. I love Music and get influenced by it.
2. Don`t believe in limits when it comes to success. Gonna work till i stop breathing.
3. I`m a Sneaker Head.
4. Don`t believe Education is the Ultimate *still gotta have it though*
5. I laugh and tease friends and family alot. so if you the type that get pissed off easily,just do me a favor and buy my coffin on your way coz u gonna kill me.
6. Besides being motivated by my dreams,i get inspired by watching role models,Al Pacino`s SCARFACE & the Great White Shark.
7. I`m a curious being.
8. I love to hang out at the Beach no matter what time it is.
9. I love Arts and Photography.
10. I don`t like fresh fish. *Canned would do*
11. Just learnt to stop putting peoples feeling first coz they take advantage so i do what makes me happy.

Answer to 9jaGreat`s questions...

1. What's the most important attribute you look for in the opposite sex?--Her ability to be a team player.
2. What's your passion? hmmm got alot bro.. Photograpy,arts,football,..the list goes on..
3. What would you do if you had a million dollars?-- Ball with the Bigger Boys. *business wise*
4. What do you consider you best attribute?   ---hmm don`t really know..i`m good from all angles..

5. When did you have your first kiss?    ---age 10
6. Do you prefer someone in suit or casually dressed? -- Casual
7. What's the best book you ever read? --- The Story Of Fossils. *Indiana Jones in the making lol*
8. If you had the opportunity to see any influential person,who would it be? -- Robert Mugabe.

    *reason,he is the only surviving African leader with metallic balls
*9. Do you enjoy PDA (Public Display of Affection)? --- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Comedy,Romance,Thriller,Drama,which of these best describes the type of movies you like?

     I`m a bit of all of them.
11. When exactly would you like to get married and start a family? ermm Dunno..

Answer to Rhapsody`s Questions..

  1. Do you love yourself inside out, outside in? (If yes move to question 5)
  2. If you do not love yourself completely what is preventing your from loving yourself completely? --I Love Myself Completely.
  3. Are thereexternal/internal influences that prevents you from loving yourself? --- NO
    1. what are they?  
    2. Are the influences rooted in childhood traumas?
    3. What do you plan to do about it?
  4. How do you plan to teach yourself how to love yourself as you are and understand that you are enough? --erm i dont plan to teach,already told myself i`m all i need to be happy

    5.  What things do you do for yourself that enriches and nourishes your being?
       Things that make me happy,there is a whole list :)

 6.   How do you hold yourself accountable for your poor decisions? --  If i made a bad decision i                           just remember the fact that i`m human and if it has consequences,i face it..if not i learn and move on.

7. Are you able to forgive yourself your humanness and move forward without beating up yourself and getting stuck in the, what should have been, if only I had?-- YES!!!

8. How do you celebrate you, your uniqueness and authenticity? hmm this is tough *yea i read the disclaimer* I think i Just celebrate me for who i am and try not to be a copy of someone else.

9. How do you stay motivated, hopeful and faithful to you, your thoughts, beliefs and ideals?--By believing in myself ,not giving up on my many dreams trying to be a man of value.

10. If you were your own parent what would be the one thing you would teach yourself?-- Depend on and trust No 1.
  1. If you are doing that which you wish you had learnt earlier how do you plan to pass the  lessons on to other women who may be stuck where you were?
  2. If you are not doing it, Why aren’t you?
  3. How do you plan to implement it into your daily life?

11. Are you being true to your inner self or are you busy pleasing everybody else? -- yes being I`m True to my Inner self..
  • If you are not being true to self, how’s that working for you?
  • Are you happy?  Yes i am.
  • How do you define happiness? -- Happiness for me is doing what u love regardless what you make out of it or what people think it is.

My Questions...

1. Do you have any pets??
2. If u were an animal in the wild,what animal would u be and why??
3. Do you agree when i say religion is doing more harm than good??
4. What`s your favorite song??
5. Do you think non-christians are going to hell??
6. Do you Forgive Easily ??
7. If you have to go to the moon and must take just 1 thing with you. what would it be??
8. Would u agree when i say God needs the devil just to create a balance??
9. Do you Love Gadgets??
10.  What`s you favorite color??
11. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me??

11 TageesssS

1. Yellow sisi Unspoken.
2. Think About It.
3. Efua.
4. Enyonam.
5. Mena UkodoisReady.
6. Miss Pweedy Face.
7. Madhulika Speaks.
8. P.E.T Projects.
9. Tomilola.
10. Nanaama.
11. Mode.

Get to work amigos :P

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Liebster blog award

Hello Blogsville, Hows Y`all Doing?? Its May already!!!! well 10 days into may, hope you enjoying the month of May so far..

I  just received  another award from the Queen Of Versatility ------------------------:>
Thanks a Millie dear..and for you to find me inspiring , all i can say is i`m humbled. Mucho Gracias.

Erm so i have to give this award to Bloggers with less than 200 followers who inspire me....

The Rules
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Post the award to your blog.
3. Pass it to 5 other bloggers you appreciate
4. Leave a comment on their blogs informing them about the award.

Now to My Inspiring 5  *wish it was more coz i get inspired one way or the other by my 109 followers*

v. Think about it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fear Within..

All i have to console myself  is the memory of what once was..
My heart was as innocent as a new born baby,as open as a 
missionary position & as unique as a unicorn...

Before i met you,all i ever dream`t of  is what it feels like to 
be in love thats why when you showed up i jumped on the 
love wagon without hesitation,with the mind that i was on
my way to paradise...

The 1st few months was so blissful,i kept asking myself
why people say all sort of bad things about Love???..
why do they say Love is the reason for every for every
action whether good or bad??? why do some people
call it the cold killer??

My heart was too innocent to understand & was blinded
by Love. As time went by i noticed changes,changes so
bad,changes so significant like empty promises made by
politicians before being sworn into office...

My innocent heart began to question things,began to
wonder why things could not stay the way they
were in the beginning,began to wonder why hours 
in a day went from looking like a minute to feeling
like a year...

I was deep in thoughts,so deep in thought the 
night skies was clearer than my mind.waking up
each day was a battle for survival because all i did
was run after you like a kid running after a butterfly
and making no progress when it came to catching

My heart that was once as bright as the midday sun 
became darker than the hades when you told me it 
was over..what did i do? where did i go wrong??
can`t we please make this work??

I crawled like a baby a baby who just learnt to crawl 
after you because all i ever wanted was a happy ending
but to no avail..

You took my heart because i made you the queen of  it
& there was no where to run to,even sleep could not 
save my heart from crying because all i see in my dream
 is You..

All i had was hopes for a brighter day and when it never 
came,i overthrew you as queen,took my heart back,bind
the pieces together with chains the size of the ones used 
to hold a ship`s anchor,locked it up and threw the keys
so far even mother nature would require divine help 
finding it..

Although my heart is broken,i feel alot better now, alot
safer because i look up to no one but myself for happiness.
sad thing is i`m never jumping on that wagon again for 
the fear i have within...

PS...I`m fine...Just a Poem.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hakuna Matata..

Hello Blogsville!!!!!!!!!! How is everybody?? Its mid-week already, hope you all having a good week."i am"

I woke up today with Bob Marley`s 3 little birds playing on the radio & although i have heard this song a gazillion times,it just hit me in a special way today. I started picturing the "what if" scenarios i plant in my head  sometimes, especially when things ain`t right or my expectancy level is maybe too high or the goals i set for myself are not being achieved at the period i hoped it would. I must admit i worry & just realized it crossed alil into the too much side of things..

Worry like every other thing on the planet can be good in some ways e.g ( fastening your seat belts coz you dont wanna come out the windscreen after a crash,studying coz you might fail if you don't insuring your valuable etc...but the dark side of worrying leads to a lot of scary disorders"sparing you a list coz this isn't a  psychology class".

All i`m just trying to say is as humans we all worry but we must please try  NOT TO WORRY TOO MUCH coz we doing more harm to ourselves by worrying TOO MUCH...."Note To Self"

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women`s Day...

   M-- Marvelous
A-- Adorable
N-- Nice

Erm i just wanna add that you still the most complicated,hard to live with you and even harder without you...

Happy International Women`s Day..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Africa Must Wake Up...

They call the Third World the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent—totally penniless, needy, destitute, poverty-stricken, disfavored, and impoverished. In this demesne, as they call it, there are hardly any discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Africa is the trailblazer. Some still call it “the dark continent” for the light that flickers under the tunnel is not that of hope, but an approaching train. And because countless keep waiting in the way of the train, millions die and many more remain decapitated by the day.

“It’s amazing how you all sit there and watch yourselves die,” the man next to me said. “Get up and do something about it.”

Brawny, fully bald-headed, with intense, steely eyes, he was as cold as they come. When I first discovered I was going to spend my New Year’s Eve next to him on a non-stop JetBlue flight from Los Angeles to Boston I was angst-ridden. I associate marble-shaven Caucasians with iconoclastic skin-heads, most of who are racist.

“My name is Walter,” he extended his hand as soon as I settled in my seat.

I told him mine with a precautious smile.

“Where are you from?” he asked.


“Zambia!” he exclaimed, “Kaunda’s country.”

“Yes,” I said, “Now Sata’s.”

“But of course,” he responded. “You just elected King Cobra as your president.”

My face lit up at the mention of Sata’s moniker. Walter smiled, and in those cold eyes I saw an amenable fellow, one of those American highbrows who shuttle between Africa and the U.S.

“I spent three years in Zambia in the 1980s,” he continued. “I wined and dined with Luke Mwananshiku, Willa Mungomba, Dr. Siteke Mwale, and many other highly intelligent Zambians.” He lowered his voice. “I was part of the IMF group that came to rip you guys off.” He smirked. “Your government put me in a million dollar mansion overlooking a shanty called Kalingalinga. From my patio I saw it all—the rich and the poor, the ailing, the dead, and the healthy.”

“Are you still with the IMF?” I asked.

“I have since moved to yet another group with similar intentions. In the next few months my colleagues and I will be in Lusaka to hypnotize the cobra. I work for the broker that has acquired a chunk of your debt. Your government owes not the World Bank, but us millions of dollars. We’ll be in Lusaka to offer your president a couple of millions and fly back with a check twenty times greater.”

“No, you won’t,” I said. “King Cobra is incorruptible. He is …”

He was laughing. “Says who? Give me an African president, just one, who has not fallen for the carrot and stick.”
Quett Masire’s name popped up.

“Oh, him, well, we never got to him because he turned down the IMF and the World Bank. It was perhaps the smartest thing for him to do.”

At midnight we were airborne. The captain wished us a happy 2012 and urged us to watch the fireworks across Los Angeles.

“Isn’t that beautiful,” Walter said looking down.

From my middle seat, I took a glance and nodded admirably.

“That’s white man’s country,” he said. “We came here on Mayflower and turned Indian land into a paradise and now the most powerful nation on earth. We discovered the bulb, and built this aircraft to fly us to pleasure resorts like Lake Zambia.”

I grinned. “There is no Lake Zambia.”

He curled his lips into a smug smile. “That’s what we call your country. You guys are as stagnant as the water in the lake. We come in with our large boats and fish your minerals and your wildlife and leave morsels—crumbs. That’s your staple food, crumbs. That corn-meal you eat, that’s crumbs, the small Tilapia fish you call Kapenta is crumbs. We the Bwanas (whites) take the cat fish. I am the Bwana and you are the Muntu. I get what I want and you get what you deserve, crumbs. That’s what lazy people get—Zambians, Africans, the entire Third World.”

The smile vanished from my face.

“I see you are getting pissed off,” Walter said and lowered his voice. “You are thinking this Bwana is a racist. That’s how most Zambians respond when I tell them the truth. They go ballistic. Okay. Let’s for a moment put our skin pigmentations, this black and white crap, aside. Tell me, my friend, what is the difference between you and me?”
“There’s no difference.”

“Absolutely none,” he exclaimed. “Scientists in the Human Genome Project have proved that. It took them thirteen years to determine the complete sequence of the three billion DNA subunits. After they
were all done it was clear that 99.9% nucleotide bases were exactly the same in you and me. We are the same people. All white, Asian, Latino, and black people on this aircraft are the same.”

I gladly nodded.

“And yet I feel superior,” he smiled fatalistically. “Every white person on this plane feels superior to a black person. The white guy who picks up garbage, the homeless white trash on drugs, feels superior to you no matter his status or education. I can pick up a nincompoop from the New York streets, clean him up, and take him to Lusaka and you all be crowding around him chanting muzungu, muzungu and yet he’s a riffraff. Tell me why my angry friend.”
For a moment I was wordless.

“Please don’t blame it on slavery like the African Americans do, or colonialism, or some psychological impact or some kind of stigmatization. And don’t give me the brainwash poppycock. Give me a better answer.”

I was thinking.

He continued. “Excuse what I am about to say. Please do not take offense.”

I felt a slap of blood rush to my head and prepared for the worst.

“You my friend flying with me and all your kind are lazy,” he said. “When you rest your head on the pillow you don’t dream big. You and other so-called African intellectuals are damn lazy, each one of you. It is you, and not those poor starving people, who is the reason Africa is in such a deplorable state.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say,” I protested.

He was implacable. “Oh yes it is and I will say it again, you are lazy. Poor and uneducated Africans are the most hardworking people on earth. I saw them in the Lusaka markets and on the street selling merchandise. I saw them in villages toiling away. I saw women on Kafue Road crushing stones for sell and I wept. I said to myself where are the Zambian intellectuals? Are the Zambian engineers so imperceptive they cannot invent a simple stone crusher, or a simple water filter to purify well water for those poor villagers? Are you telling me that after thirty-seven years of independence your university school of engineering has not produced a scientist or an engineer who can make simple small machines for mass use? What is the school there for?”

I held my breath.

“Do you know where I found your intellectuals? They were in bars quaffing. They were at the Lusaka Golf Club, Lusaka Central Club, Lusaka Playhouse, and Lusaka Flying Club. I saw with my own eyes a bunch of alcoholic graduates. Zambian intellectuals work from eight to five and spend the evening drinking. We don’t. We reserve the evening for brainstorming.”

He looked me in the eye.

“And you flying to Boston and all of you Zambians in the Diaspora are just as lazy and apathetic to your country. You don’t care about your country and yet your very own parents, brothers and sisters are in Mtendere, Chawama, and in villages, all of them living in squalor. Many have died or are dying of neglect by you. They are dying of AIDS because you cannot come up with your own cure. You are here calling yourselves graduates, researchers and scientists and are fast at articulating your credentials once asked—oh, I have a PhD in this and that—PhD my foot!”
I was deflated.

“Wake up you all!” he exclaimed, attracting the attention of nearby passengers. “You should be busy lifting ideas, formulae, recipes, and diagrams from American manufacturing factories and sending them to your own factories. All those research findings and dissertation papers you compile should be your country’s treasure. Why do you think the Asians are a force to reckon with? They stole our ideas and turned them into their own. Look at Japan, China, India, just look at them.”

He paused. “The Bwana has spoken,” he said and grinned. “As long as you are dependent on my plane, I shall feel superior and you my friend shall remain inferior, how about that? The Chinese, Japanese, Indians, even Latinos are a notch better. You Africans are at the bottom of the totem pole.”

He tempered his voice. “Get over this white skin syndrome and begin to feel confident. Become innovative and make your own stuff for god’s sake.”

At 8 a.m. the plane touched down at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Walter reached for my hand.
“I know I was too strong, but I don’t give it a damn. I have been to Zambia and have seen too much poverty.” He pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled something. “Here, read this. It was written by a friend.”
He had written only the title: “Lords of Poverty.”

Thunderstruck, I had a sinking feeling. I watched Walter walk through the airport doors to a waiting car. He had left a huge dust devil twirling in my mind, stirring up sad memories of home. I could see Zambia’s literati—the cognoscente, intelligentsia, academics, highbrows, and scholars in the places he had mentioned guzzling and talking irrelevancies. I remembered some who have since passed—how they got the highest grades in mathematics and the sciences and attained the highest education on the planet. They had been to Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), only to leave us with not a single invention or discovery. I knew some by name and drunk with them at the Lusaka Playhouse and Central Sports.

Walter is right. It is true that since independence we have failed to nurture creativity and collective orientations. We as a nation lack a workhorse mentality and behave like 13 million civil servants dependent on a government pay cheque. We believe that development is generated 8-to-5 behind a desk wearing a tie with our degrees hanging on the wall. Such a working environment does not offer the opportunity for fellowship, the excitement of competition, and the spectacle of innovative rituals.

But the intelligentsia is not solely, or even mainly, to blame. The larger failure is due to political circumstances over which they have had little control. The past governments failed to create an environment of possibility that fosters camaraderie, rewards innovative ideas and encourages resilience. KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, and Banda embraced orthodox ideas and therefore failed to offer many opportunities for drawing outside the line.

I believe King Cobra’s reset has been cast in the same faculties as those of his predecessors. If today I told him that we can build our own car, he would throw me out.

“Naupena? Fuma apa.” (Are you mad? Get out of here)

Knowing well that King Cobra will not embody innovation at Walter’s level let’s begin to look for a technologically active-positive leader who can succeed him after a term or two. That way we can make our own stone crushers, water filters, water pumps, razor blades, and harvesters. Let’s dream big and make tractors, cars, and planes, or, like Walter said, forever remain inferior.

A fundamental transformation of our country from what is essentially non-innovative to a strategic superior African country requires a bold risk-taking educated leader with a triumphalist attitude and we have one in YOU. Don’t be highly strung and feel insulted by Walter. Take a moment and think about our country. Our journey from 1964 has been marked by tears. It has been an emotionally overwhelming experience. Each one of us has lost a loved one to poverty, hunger, and disease. The number of graves is catching up with the population. It’s time to change our political culture. It’s time for Zambian intellectuals to cultivate an active-positive progressive movement that will change our lives forever. Don’t be afraid or dispirited, rise to the challenge and salvage the remaining few of your beloved ones.

Field Ruwe is a US-based Zambian media practitioner and author. He is a PhD candidate with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism, and an M.A. in History
This is an eye opener for the whole continent plus i do not claim ownership of this,i stumbled upon it and thought it wise to share.


Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello Blogsville!! How have y`all been & was y`alls weekends?? Mine was awesome *in caps*. :) ....

Get out there and do you,all the time you have is now..Have a blessed Week Y`all...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1Chapter down ,11 more to Go...

HellOoOOOoOoo Blogsville!!!!!!!! How have y`all been???? How Was Chapter 1 of 2012??  Mine was a lil Unstable and that was as a result of  my inability to hold or control my thoughts which led to my last post , i almost deleted when i sat down days later,relaxed & read all over coz i was not 100% when i did it but hey i`m only human,we all have our moments and i guess i have come to realize that no matter what i do,stuffs still gon happen whether i like it or not so i just do me or should i say do my time coz i believe that's what we all on earth to do.

Anyway i would like to say thanks to y`all for the words of encouragements coz it really did help alot and i would like to say Welcome to Chapter 2 of 2012 which we all know is a month of LOVE so enjoy February.

                                                             HAppy New Month.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Reason To Hold On To My Faith..??

Y`ello Blogsville!!!! How have Y`all Been?????? we currently on page 15 of 366. How has 2012 been so far??? Besides the Boko Haram Crew,Guess Occupy Nigeria has been a hit album in the media. After the horrific 25th Dec,11 on the church by Boko haram i really wondered if God really has our backs as Christians coz to me if he does somethings would really not have to happen, i don`t know if i`m the only one whos tired of hearing these 3 words"God Knows Best" coz its has been the most used phrase when bad things happen.I know you`ve all at a point also gone through situations,heard or even seen things that make you go like but GOD why.??? Its easy to give the God Knows best lines when you not the one feeling the pain or the victim,if only the dead could talk...anyway i was online doing random research and reading other peoples views and trust me God really is  loosing alot of Christian followers,i`m also at a puzzled state coz even after reading PRICYS post i just did not know what to believe anymore coz if you ask me,its only those who have things fallen right for them or those who haven`t gone through any thing to make them question GOD that this dude is not making any sense, 1 thing i keep asking is if GOD truly knows things even before they happen why did he not do anything about this Satan dude before things got out of hand,he knows how weak we are as humans too why did he bring us here?? Sometimes i feel we are just here for experiments..anyway i think i have to cut my ranting short and share something i found interesting. is this or would this be a reason to hold on to a faith i seem to be loosing interest in?? for now i really don`t know..

Professor : You are a Christian, aren’t you, son ?

Student : Yes, sir.

Professor: So, you believe in GOD ?

Student : Absolutely, sir.

Professor : Is GOD good ?

Student : Sure.

Professor: Is GOD all powerful ?

Student : Yes.

Professor: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to GOD to heal him. Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill. But GOD didn’t. How is this GOD good then? Hmm?

(Student was silent.)

Professor: You can’t answer, can you ? Let’s start again, young fella. Is GOD good?

Student : Yes.

Professor: Is satan good ?

Student : No.

Professor: Where does satan come from ?

Student : From … GOD …

Professor: That’s right. Tell me son, is there evil in this world?

Student : Yes.

Professor: Evil is everywhere, isn’t it ? And GOD did make everything. Correct?

Student :Yes

Professor: So who created evil ?

(Student did not answer.)

Professor: Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things exist in the world, don’t they?

Student : Yes, sir.

Professor: So, who created them ?

(Student had no answer.)

Professor: Science says you have 5 Senses you use to identify and observe the world around you. Tell me, son, have you ever seen GOD?

Student : No, sir.

Professor: Tell us if you have ever heard your GOD?

Student : No , sir.

Professor: Have you ever felt your GOD, tasted your GOD, smell your GOD? Have you ever had any sensory perception of GOD for that matter?

Student : No, sir. I’m afraid I haven’t.

Professor: Yet you still believe in Him?

Student : Yes.

Professor : According to Empirical, Testable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says your GOD doesn’t exist. What do you say to that, son?

Student : Nothing. I only have my faith.

Professor: Yes, faith. And that is the problem Science has.

Student : Professor, is there such a thing as heat?

Professor: Yes.

Student : And is there such a thing as cold?

Professor: Yes.

Student : No, sir. There isn’t.

(The lecture theatre became very quiet with this turn of events.)

Student : Sir, you can have lots of heat, even more heat, superheat, mega heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat. But we don’t have anything called cold. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat, but we can’t go any further after that. There is no such thing as cold. Cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy. Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, just the absence of it.

(There was pin-drop silence in the lecture theater.)

Student : What about darkness, Professor? Is there such a thing as darkness?

Professor: Yes. What is night if there isn’t darkness?

Student : You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright light, flashing light. But if you have no light constantly, you have nothing and its called darkness, isn’t it? In reality, darkness isn’t. If it is, were you would be able to make darkness darker, wouldn’t you?

Professor: So what is the point you are making, young man ?

Student : Sir, my point is your philosophical premise is flawed.

Professor: Flawed ? Can you explain how?

Student : Sir, you are working on the premise of duality. You argue there is life and then there is death, a good GOD and a bad GOD. You are viewing the concept of GOD as something finite, something we can measure. Sir, Science can’t even explain a thought. It uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one. To view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing.

Death is not the opposite of life: just the absence of it. Now tell me, Professor, do you teach your students that they evolved from a monkey?

Professor: If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process, yes, of course, I do.

Student : Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes, sir?

(The Professor shook his head with a smile, beginning to realize where the argument was going.)

Student : Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor. Are you not teaching your opinion, sir? Are you not a scientist but a preacher?

(The class was in uproar.)

Student : Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the Professor’s brain?

(The class broke out into laughter. )

Student : Is there anyone here who has ever heard the Professor’s brain, felt it, touched or smelt it? No one appears to have done so. So, according to the established Rules of Empirical, Stable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says that you have no brain, sir. With all due respect, sir, how do we then trust your lectures, sir?

(The room was silent. The Professor stared at the student, his face unfathomable.)

Professor: I guess you’ll have to take them on faith, son.

Student : That is it sir … Exactly ! The link between man & GOD is FAITH. That is all that keeps things alive and moving.

By the way, that student was EINSTEIN


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WelCome to II.0.I.II

Hello Blogsville!!!! How have Y`all Been?????? Welcome to 2012!!!!,yes i know this news is 7days old but its just right to do an official welcome post. How did you Celebrate Christmas & New Year?? Where were you during the cross Over??? My Christmas celebration was awesome coz i had this lil get together for some kids and that was it coz i really wasn`t feeling anything till 2hrs to 25th Dec whiles on twitter. "Weird i know". As For the Cross Over i wanted to do something new,strange or something to remember 2011 by , all that came to a crashing halt coz my dream beach trip remained a dream when i realized i hailed a cab and told the driver to take me to church. Guess somethings take time to change.

Resolutions, i don`t do resolutions but this year i plan to change something & that is to stop waiting forever for the perfect moment before i do anything. I`m just gonna do me anytime coz i only live Once & waiting for so called perfect moments has done more harm than good.

How did You Celebrate Christmas,New year & where were You during the Cross Over???

Once Again,Welcome To II.0.I.II