Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Is a victim just an unfortunate person who suffers from adverse circumstances?
 Or is a Victim someone who is deceived by their own emotions?
 To Me,a victim is not only the person on the receiving end of the law

A victim can also be a perpetrator.
I see a Victim in all of us
My Father was a victim
My mother was a victim
My brother is a Victim
I am a victim
I`m a victim of my past
But should we allow that to affect what the future holds?
They say in life we are all given options
and people often choose the wrong ones
but if the correct path is blocked,does that not force us
to divert down a different road?
Even when u know that road leads to sudden death
Sometimes i pray things get brighter and better
sometimes the day seems long
If 9 out of the 10 options that we are given are wrong
then whats the chances of us choosing right?
and If we do choose the right options,who says the
right options are gonna choose us??
So we still end up feeling wrong.
so Who is a victim?
The sad thing is,the ones who are meant to be there,guide us,help us and protect us are the ones who end up hurting us the most.

So who is the victim?
The media doesn`t help,most of us are victims of an optical illusion,a material world, what we hope we would have,if we are fighting and competing in rivalry over money and who can have the most assets,what hope do we have?

I`m a victim of my environment,she was a victim of murder.
we are victims of our own lives but today i smile coz if we breathe
we still have a chance,we can all  turn a negative back into a positive so that we don`t have to be victims any longer but VICTORS..
Credit: #Victims