Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebration Of Life...

I remember our 1st arguement,it was over Chicken & yes you made your point after buying me a full chicken.

I remember tennis saturdays...

I remember the 1st time you whooped my ass & apologize afterwards...

I remember our mama must not find out sessions..*she still hasn`t found out*

I remember our wako cooking..we just mixed anything in sight and consume it before mama gets back from work..

I remember our summer Vacation routines..from parks to Zoos...

I remember our roaming seasons,we cruised like we own the city... :)

I remember your Crazy jokes...

I remember all the advices you gave me..Yes i`m still going HaRD!

I remember the first pick up lines you gave me ...they don`t work these days dad,Girls of today are weird & don`t wanna hear

I remember your crazy equations,for me the craziest is still your Addition of 2 boys + 1 Woman = 1

DAddy i still remember how we use to party on your Birthday & so, i have my Glass raised. A toast to the Greatest Daddy in the world. Gone but not forgotten coz your Legacy lives on.HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.
#Amilliongunsalute #itsacelebrationoflife.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award ...

Hello Blogsville!!!! How is Y`all doing?? Hope you all having a great week. Well, as for mine? i guess its been Okay coz i`m doing this adjustment thing,thats just by the way."more details later"

Now to the main Post,whiles i was away i received an award from Stiletominded ,Thanks a Millie dear..

The rules of this award state that you must link the person who gives you the award, list 7 things about yourself, and pass the torch to 15 other bloggers. 
7 things:

1. I love Animals.
2. I love Nature.
3. I love gadgets.
4. I just realized i have a thing for flight attendants,Emirates Airlines to be precise. *whew now its out,I hope you happy now Lady Ngo :P*
5. Besides my hyper nature,i can be very very quite at times. *October has been a quite month*
6. I love PASTA!!.
7. During off season*no league period* i spend most of my time at the cinema.

Now the final phase,passing it to 15 other bloggers

 1. Lady Ngo
 2. MsJB 
 3. Yellow SiSi 
 4. Modé. 
 5. Julz
 6. NaNa Ama
 7. Think about it
 8. Ema 
 9. Sugarbelly 
12. Fiifi Adinkra
13.SiSi Yemmie 

Have a blessed weekend Y`all.. ..Peace,Out.! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Hello Blogsville!!!! How was your weekend?? I had a good one and was on the Low Low *no trouble making*. I`m all smiles.Not just because MsJB passed a Lovely Blog Award to me but because she sees beyond me being M.I.A for sometime now.  This happens to be mY second and hers Too. Thanks A Millie MsJB.

The Rules:
 I. Answer the questions below
 II. Tell seven random things about yourself
III. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers


I. Questions

1. Name your favorite colour
    Hmm sorry i`m gonna be a lil Greedy here,I  LOVE all colors.
2. Name your favorite song
    Fort Minor -Remember the name.
3. Name your favorite dessert
    Fruits *bananas most especially*
4. What pisses you off?
5. Your favorite pet?
  Erm Dogs but if You would consider SHARKS as pets "coz i do"then yes a Shark too,hope to own a Shark Tank.
6 .Black or white?
7. Your biggest fear?
    Going to hell.
8. Everyday attitude?
    Positive energy all the way.
9. Your best feature?
    My Eyes
10. What is perfection?
    Living life in such a way that even if there was no GOD,its gonna make sense.
11. My guilty pleasure
     I <3 Chocolates
II. Seven random things about me

1. I owe it to myself to climb mount Kilimanjaro & walk on the Great wall of China before i die.

2. I hope to live in the middle of no where someday. No neighbors,Just me.

3.Although i play football,I am very good all the other sports that involve balls. *excluding Rugby &  American football.*

4. I love to sleep at the beach and sometimes wish i see or meet a real life mermaid *covers face*

5.  My mood determines the kind of music i listen to. I`m hyper most of the time.

6. I don`t like the smell of  FRESH FISH,its either canned fish or no fish.

7. Fax machines scares the living day light out of me till date. Its mode of operation is 1 i believe came straight from the depths of hell.

Whew!! Thats some step III
III.Tagging other bloggers..

5. Muse
12. Novisi
13. iNyamu
Congrats in Advance and please pass it on.......

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greetings from a City Far ,Far Away....

Hello Blogsville!!!! Happy new Month!!! How have Y`all Been & how was your weekend???. Jeez..I haven`t seen my page after my birthday, which is So So So not kool but i have been showing up randomly and commenting on posts so i guess apart from  not updating my blog i really didn`t Go M.I.A . Its been a while and i`m just gonna do a quick summary of events that occurred from the 16th of August till date. Okay so on my birthday i decided to stay indoors and be mindful of what kind of gifts i open upon receiveing coz i have not been a very good boy when it comes to giving my friends presents. 

This year alone i have giving soldier ants "real soldier ants",boxing glove on a spring,XXXXXXXXL briefs  & a smoke bomb as birthday presents. Its kinda like a who has the badest prank thing my teammates started years ago, i can confidently say i`m the king coz i know where to get the weirdest gifts *evil grin*. Later that evening my teammates had a surprise party for me and boy did their appointed spokes person have a hard time getting me to open the gates talkless having him  come upstairs and wait whiles i got ready coz the stories he was telling me just to  make  me come with him wasn`t adding up but i had to go so i don`t ruin whatever plan he/they had whether good or bad. Can`t blame me,Its just that most of my most of my teammates are victims of my prank/mischief so i did not want to go coz only GOD knows what they had in mind for the king of mischief. :P

I decided to man up,face my fears and just go with him afterall, whats the worst that could happen ???? ..In 15mins we were at another mates house to pick him up before heading to our final destination. We drove in,he opened the front door and asked us to sit for a bit and that he would be back. we sat for about 20mins and still no sign of this dude,at that point all sort of thoughts crossed my mind coz i felt like it was judgement day and my mighty reign of terror was going to come to an end. He was taking forever and so we decided to go see whats going on in there,"little did i know the whole team was in his room" as we got closer i called out but no responce. I reached for the door knob, opened it and when i saw the room population and the smiles the had on their faces i knew it was gonna be a crazy night to remember. Everybody came out, sang,wished me well and made sure i had a good bath with all sort of drinks. Although i wasn`t too comfortable coz i don`t drink alcohol and most of the drinks being poured on me was alcoholic. That was their way of getting back at me but mine still top,my birthday party was the last team celebration before Pre-season so we partied HARD.

4 days later we assembled at a Bus Terminal coz it was time for pre-season/training tour,7hrs later we arrived at our hotel & retired to bed. The next day we got to meet our new coach,the old coach had an offer he couldn`t refuse and sadly left without a word. Guess he just wouldn`t be able to stand the emotions,especially  from some of us that he coached through the ranks so it was best he left the way he did. The new coach did a lil introduction  and when he finished,we went out to see our new home city as tradition demands before we begin drills the following day. The pre-seaon went well,just that after 2weeks the new coach which we were already finding difficulties adapting  to his Military style was on my case and we  had a lil training ground incident which resulted into me staying back after regular session to do 3hrs extra hours of shuttle runs supervised by none other but himself. 

I was so pissed coz i felt he is trying to act all bossy,offcourse he is the head coach and demands respect but i honestly did not do anything crazy,all i did was pass a funny comment which was not even about him. He was pissed coz i made my mates laugh during a serious session and to him that should not happen when he is in charge. i mean how??? the drills are crazy and at least we gotta have something to laugh about but i guess this "mean machine sent back through time to make our lives living hell" did not understand it that way. His assistant called me and told me that i have to realize that power has changed hands and alot of things are going to change but he is going to try talk to the head coach so he loosens up abit coz his action made my team mates hate him the more coz of his approach to everything. I remember tweeting about how i felt like going up to his room on the  7th floor and just throw him out the window for making me shuttle run that long but i guess after a talk with 9ja-great i just let the rage and anger go away.
Anyway we still not friends and can never be so all we do is try fit into his military style which is doing more harm than good,its sure gonna be a looong season & i`m gonna get through it with what P.E.Tprojects told me when i spoke about the coach trying to kill my shine,she said i should see him as an obstacle that have to be scaled. i`m gonna work twice as hard so help me GOD.

Gotta run,YO`MAMA jokes is happening live in the lobby..:) & erm In other news i recieved 2 awards :D ,will make post about them very soon till my next post be good and stay blessed. DiDi from a City far,far away. :)