Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome To 2013.

Hello Blogsville, How have y`all been?  I have been good ,i trust you have been too..
1st of i just wanna say thanks for following this blog,guess i can say i`ve come a long way coz rewind to when i first showed up here the only follower i had was me :). Blogging has no user manual and so i wanna say thanks again for the love,comments,ideas,critics and so on.. I really am  blessed to be part of this wonderful family, we all we got.. Mucho Gracias.
2012 like every other year had its ups and downs & like everybody else i`m grate for everything, even the scars that came along with it coz every scar tells a story. In 2012 i had to make hard decisions which i never thought i`d find myself making but these are the little things that really put your strength to the test,mentally and emotionally..

With friends i thought i knew,hmm lets just say i didn`t know jack & was a bit shocked at some actions but in their defense i`d say they had a good reason from acting like i don`t matter or  to walk out when i needed them the most. People will be People. Won`t judge,have no right to. A great man once said :If you need an extra hand to count the true friends you have, you should re-consider what the word “true” means to you. It now makes alot sense.

I`ve learnt alot in 2012, like an awful lot coz it been 1 decision after the other another  through out the year ,guess the true journey of life just started to unveil itself I really was puzzled at some point but like the saying goes, You Don`t Know How Strong You Are Till Staying Strong Is Only Option you have. I`m here and 2012 is gone,happy to be alive. Above all, its Been an Awesome year:)

Its 2013 & yea i expect alot of  good stuff but i feel i`m more ready for the challenges ahead coz i`ve come to realize its a cold world and sometimes it comes down to living by predatorial instincts.No resolutions but my Motto remains the same , :GO HARD,GIVE MY ALL *instead of work hard* HOPE FOR THE BEST AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST. No expectations too. If it happens it happens & if it doesn`t, LIFE GOES ON. Once i`m alive there's hope for a brighter day.

Thanks Once Again for Being there for me & for the love,i would have mentioned names but that would be a looooooong list. I`m Just Gonna Send Everybody My Best Wishes & Hugs.

I Love You All. Happy New Year. Welcome To 2013.