Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fear Within..

All i have to console myself  is the memory of what once was..
My heart was as innocent as a new born baby,as open as a 
missionary position & as unique as a unicorn...

Before i met you,all i ever dream`t of  is what it feels like to 
be in love thats why when you showed up i jumped on the 
love wagon without hesitation,with the mind that i was on
my way to paradise...

The 1st few months was so blissful,i kept asking myself
why people say all sort of bad things about Love???..
why do they say Love is the reason for every for every
action whether good or bad??? why do some people
call it the cold killer??

My heart was too innocent to understand & was blinded
by Love. As time went by i noticed changes,changes so
bad,changes so significant like empty promises made by
politicians before being sworn into office...

My innocent heart began to question things,began to
wonder why things could not stay the way they
were in the beginning,began to wonder why hours 
in a day went from looking like a minute to feeling
like a year...

I was deep in thoughts,so deep in thought the 
night skies was clearer than my mind.waking up
each day was a battle for survival because all i did
was run after you like a kid running after a butterfly
and making no progress when it came to catching

My heart that was once as bright as the midday sun 
became darker than the hades when you told me it 
was over..what did i do? where did i go wrong??
can`t we please make this work??

I crawled like a baby a baby who just learnt to crawl 
after you because all i ever wanted was a happy ending
but to no avail..

You took my heart because i made you the queen of  it
& there was no where to run to,even sleep could not 
save my heart from crying because all i see in my dream
 is You..

All i had was hopes for a brighter day and when it never 
came,i overthrew you as queen,took my heart back,bind
the pieces together with chains the size of the ones used 
to hold a ship`s anchor,locked it up and threw the keys
so far even mother nature would require divine help 
finding it..

Although my heart is broken,i feel alot better now, alot
safer because i look up to no one but myself for happiness.
sad thing is i`m never jumping on that wagon again for 
the fear i have within...

PS...I`m fine...Just a Poem.