Friday, September 5, 2014


After Birth,We Begin Our Journey
Our Journey Towards Death.
 To Me,Life Is a Never Ending
Soap Opera.

Where Everything Recycles
Where Occurrences Repeat
But Different Solutions Are Given
To These Occurrences.

We Are Just Actors And Actresses 
In a Recycling Universe 
Who Make Entrances & Exits
At Different Points
In This Never Ending Soap Opera.

Our Scripts Are Different 
Our Entry Points & Roles Are Different
But 1 Thing Is Certain,
That`s Our Journey Towards An
Important Part Of This Recycling Process

During Our Journey We Face Alot Of Challenges
We Meet Alot Of People
Have Happy & Sad Moments 
  Learn Alot Of Lessons
Make Countless Decisions
 Decisions On How They Affect Us
But Sometimes We Forget To Do 1 Thing.

Live Life To The Fullest.

This Might Be Due To Helpless Situations
Heart Break,Poverty,Low Self Esteem
To Mention A few...

 As Long As You are still Breathing, Regardless what Situation You Find Yourself In, Always Remember That Life Is a 2 Sided Coin With Pleasure & Pain On Each Side,Which Co-Exist To Create A Balance & That No Matter What You Are Going Through,There Is Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow. 

Please Try,Challenge Yourself.
Stop Existing,Start Living
So You Feel Accomplished After 
You Make That Exit.

Have a Lovely Weekend People. 
I`m Ghost.