Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mysterious Dollar..

Hello Blogsville!!!! How have Y`all Been & how was your weekend ??? I know the week just started but i hope its going smoothly..

I stumbled upon this some weeks ago & thinking of how to solve or answer this weird puzzle or magic question,*yes Magic coz in my books if i don`t Understand then something`s wrong* has consumed my precious Me time and taken over everything including DiDi activities *insert any nice activity here*..

Read carefully.. I saw a Jacket at Macys and it was going for $100,because i was broke, i went home,borrowed $50 each from my Brother and Sister. When i got back to the Store the price of the jacket had been reduced to $97 so i had $3 change. When i got back home,i gave a dollar each to my siblings and i kept the last dollar which means i now owe them $49 each. If i multiply $49  by 2,i get $98 & if i add the $2 that i have already giving to them,it comes back to $100. My headache is why do i still have a dollar?


  1. This is a good one, Didi!!
    You actually owe each of them $48.50 after buying the jacket.
    You can relax now cos the extra dollar is imaginary. LoL $ bills have a tendency of doing that.

  2. LMAO! haba...U only owe them $48.5 each. That makes $97 together....So breathe easy, it was a math issue..
    Prof. Peller, be gone!

  3. i'm just wondering what exactly are "DiDi activities"...

  4. Your dollar issues is already sorted out i guess..
    So chillax ;)

  5. Young man,stop confusing yourself.Pay up the $49 you owe each of your siblings and wear your jacket and enjoy the $1 you have on ice cream or a cup of coffee or something.LOL

  6. lol. Now you can go back to "Didi activities" & just like Ngo, i'm kinda wondering too...

  7. chei!!!, which kind calculations be this one now eh? well... i think you dont owe anybody. lol, i dont like calculations koraa, smh!

  8. I couldn't figure out this one o, even with the answers. My math brain is gone :(

  9. I'm too tired to even try to figure it out. You should be glad that you have an extra dollar to yourself na, shuoooooo. :-D.


  10. I guess I am really slow cos I still don't get it. How come you owe them $48.5? If you took $50 and you gave each $1 then really, you should owe them $49 or? HELP!!! I'm thinking plenty!

  11. Lol DiDi! question solved. Serious imaginary money lol

    Muse Origins FB

  12. lol men i tried also to figure out. good one though. its been a while. how r u?

  13. Think About it,i wish we could skype so you explain further coz DiDi is still in wonderland. gonna try work with 48.5 tooo

    HOney Dame..The Professor isn`t gone yet coz i gave a dollar each,gotta give this to 1 of my self acclaimed smart guys out there..

    Lady Ngo..You wanna know what DiDi activities are?? You reaaaaaaaaaally wanna know?? :)

    Madhulika,i guess its sorted out but just for the moment ...

    9ja-great..nice advice Bro..guess i`m worrying too much

    Toinlicious,please stop wondering & just ask DiDi already :)

    Priscy,this calculations or question was sent to mess with me,my time and my precious Agendas lol

    Myne, i don`t think your Math brain is gone coz this is a Magical question

    Che,please don`t,yes you right too. i better go get something chilled with the dollar lol

    Efua,you are not slow coz the magic is still very much around..Puzzled is still unsolved coz i still see stars.

    Muse Origin,its not solved yet,i wont spend the dollar till i know its source lol

    Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson,i`m goo and yes its been a min...

  14. Ok, I think I see it now. Legit, you owe them 49 dollars each.However, the jacket cost you $97 se. So think about it this way, you are only delaying the evil day of repayment. Cos technically, you should have paid then $1.5 each. SO that say for instance you return your jacket and get a refund, you will only need to pay the $48.5 each = $97 together and you wont have an "extra $".

    Cos right now, think about it, if someone decides to "dash" you the money u spent on the jacket, you will still need that "extra" $1 in order to pay your siblings pay fully.

    So, you dont have an "extra $" o! You are just witholding change!...you berra go and pay up!onigebese...lol

    now...PRof. Peller...be gone! for realz!

  15. why yes, i do REALLY wanna know what DiDi activities are! feel free to share. or if ur the shy type, hit my dm on twitter lol

  16. HOneyDame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just killed Prof Peller!!! he is gone for good,hmm guess i`ll just keep this to myself and watch my fellow brain crakers crack till winter break lolz..Its Back to DiDi Activities for me...

    Hmm LadyNgo,DiDi doesn`t have the word shy in his dictionary..DiDi has alot of activities that occur seasonally and for now its HUNTING SEASON :) you know what i mean???

  17. LMAO Oh Darling, it is not a magic dollar.

    When you got your $3.00 back you should have split it in half between your brother and sister giving them a $1.50 each. You would have then owed them $48.50 each leaving you with nada, zero, zelch, nothing. But because you kept $1.00 which technically was not yours, you then owed them each $49.00 and that my dear sweet Darling is were your "magic" $1.00 came from.

    Yours truly, Rhapsody...

    I'll be back to read your comment on my response.

  18. Thanks For Breaking it Down Again Rhapsody, i just wanted that dollar so i`d at least be a dollar richer.lol..Guess it wasn`t Magic After all. :)

  19. That was God's way of blessing you with a dollar. Enjoy it jare!!!

  20. lol, its all good. Sometimes i confuse myself sometimes too. hehe.

  21. Didi, you have a dollar because its raining dollars. Roflmqao


  22. LOL this sounds like a question in understanding mathematics. You managed to confuse me for a second.. lol nice one.