Friday, September 14, 2012


Today was one of those days, Yep just one of those days. 
A day where the birds walked And we flew
Today was one of those days when I would 
tell you I love you a zillion & 1 times.
Today was one of those days You would
sneak up and hug my tightly from behind. 
A day Red roses turned black and smelled like you.
A day where just 2 people occupied planet earth U & I.
Today was one of those days Where we sang and 
we danced like we won the lottery.
Today was one of those days we hold hands and
cannon ball into the pool.
Today was one of those days were we go chill at
the beach all night ignoring the crazy cold wind.
Today was a good day,a day to love and be Loved.

*Sigh* Extracted From My Ocean Of Memories :)


  1. A day where the birds walked And we flew? I can't for that day...

  2. Hi Didi,

    Please, lemme tell you (out of love) that if you keep this dark background, you would have reduced blog comments and traffic. Dark background drives some people away, cos its not friendly to some people's eyes.

    You can research it.

  3. hmmmmmmm....
    Blessings Darling...
    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it.

    I see you have made some changes is that a mirror reflection of a metamorphosis? Or is it just one of those days where change is exchanged and difference just is?

    Stay blessed my Darling.

    1. yep some more changes,u can call it a mirror reflection of a metamorphosis and due to the comment above your,apparently my dark background is not friendly to some people`s eyes..

    2. hmmmm, really? i did not have a problem with it besides black is beautiful. To each his/her own.

      Have a blessed day Darling, just popped in again to say hi, hello.

  4. eeeeiii somebody is in love zone x

  5. *double sigh* :D
    but is it true about the dark background thingy? had no idea.

    1. Efua me i dont know ooO,just did it coz i dont want people straining to view my page so erm please enjoy the 'olange' page lol

  6. Hi Didi, I have done the writing assignment you gave me. Pls, send me your email address, so we can correspond. Thanks

    1. WOW,erm plz here you go

  7. its said a man becomes a poet when he is in love..i say theres more to come if these r just memories..nice piece..i feel the genuity