Monday, May 14, 2012

I`ve Been Tagged..

Hello BlogsVille!!! Hows Y`all Doing?? hope you had an awesome weekend..Mine was OkaaaaY!!I was tagged twice by Rhapsody & 9jagreat  in the 11`s game so i have to fulfill the obligations that comes with it..

I. Post the rules.
II. You must post 11 things about yourself.
III. Answer the questions that your tagger posted for you.
IV. Create 11 questions,the choose 11 people & tag them to answer your questions.
V. Remember to let them know you tagged them,No tag backs.
VI. Let the tagger know when you answer their questions

11 Things about me..

1. I love Music and get influenced by it.
2. Don`t believe in limits when it comes to success. Gonna work till i stop breathing.
3. I`m a Sneaker Head.
4. Don`t believe Education is the Ultimate *still gotta have it though*
5. I laugh and tease friends and family alot. so if you the type that get pissed off easily,just do me a favor and buy my coffin on your way coz u gonna kill me.
6. Besides being motivated by my dreams,i get inspired by watching role models,Al Pacino`s SCARFACE & the Great White Shark.
7. I`m a curious being.
8. I love to hang out at the Beach no matter what time it is.
9. I love Arts and Photography.
10. I don`t like fresh fish. *Canned would do*
11. Just learnt to stop putting peoples feeling first coz they take advantage so i do what makes me happy.

Answer to 9jaGreat`s questions...

1. What's the most important attribute you look for in the opposite sex?--Her ability to be a team player.
2. What's your passion? hmmm got alot bro.. Photograpy,arts,football,..the list goes on..
3. What would you do if you had a million dollars?-- Ball with the Bigger Boys. *business wise*
4. What do you consider you best attribute?   ---hmm don`t really know..i`m good from all angles..

5. When did you have your first kiss?    ---age 10
6. Do you prefer someone in suit or casually dressed? -- Casual
7. What's the best book you ever read? --- The Story Of Fossils. *Indiana Jones in the making lol*
8. If you had the opportunity to see any influential person,who would it be? -- Robert Mugabe.

    *reason,he is the only surviving African leader with metallic balls
*9. Do you enjoy PDA (Public Display of Affection)? --- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Comedy,Romance,Thriller,Drama,which of these best describes the type of movies you like?

     I`m a bit of all of them.
11. When exactly would you like to get married and start a family? ermm Dunno..

Answer to Rhapsody`s Questions..

  1. Do you love yourself inside out, outside in? (If yes move to question 5)
  2. If you do not love yourself completely what is preventing your from loving yourself completely? --I Love Myself Completely.
  3. Are thereexternal/internal influences that prevents you from loving yourself? --- NO
    1. what are they?  
    2. Are the influences rooted in childhood traumas?
    3. What do you plan to do about it?
  4. How do you plan to teach yourself how to love yourself as you are and understand that you are enough? --erm i dont plan to teach,already told myself i`m all i need to be happy

    5.  What things do you do for yourself that enriches and nourishes your being?
       Things that make me happy,there is a whole list :)

 6.   How do you hold yourself accountable for your poor decisions? --  If i made a bad decision i                           just remember the fact that i`m human and if it has consequences,i face it..if not i learn and move on.

7. Are you able to forgive yourself your humanness and move forward without beating up yourself and getting stuck in the, what should have been, if only I had?-- YES!!!

8. How do you celebrate you, your uniqueness and authenticity? hmm this is tough *yea i read the disclaimer* I think i Just celebrate me for who i am and try not to be a copy of someone else.

9. How do you stay motivated, hopeful and faithful to you, your thoughts, beliefs and ideals?--By believing in myself ,not giving up on my many dreams trying to be a man of value.

10. If you were your own parent what would be the one thing you would teach yourself?-- Depend on and trust No 1.
  1. If you are doing that which you wish you had learnt earlier how do you plan to pass the  lessons on to other women who may be stuck where you were?
  2. If you are not doing it, Why aren’t you?
  3. How do you plan to implement it into your daily life?

11. Are you being true to your inner self or are you busy pleasing everybody else? -- yes being I`m True to my Inner self..
  • If you are not being true to self, how’s that working for you?
  • Are you happy?  Yes i am.
  • How do you define happiness? -- Happiness for me is doing what u love regardless what you make out of it or what people think it is.

My Questions...

1. Do you have any pets??
2. If u were an animal in the wild,what animal would u be and why??
3. Do you agree when i say religion is doing more harm than good??
4. What`s your favorite song??
5. Do you think non-christians are going to hell??
6. Do you Forgive Easily ??
7. If you have to go to the moon and must take just 1 thing with you. what would it be??
8. Would u agree when i say God needs the devil just to create a balance??
9. Do you Love Gadgets??
10.  What`s you favorite color??
11. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me??

11 TageesssS

1. Yellow sisi Unspoken.
2. Think About It.
3. Efua.
4. Enyonam.
5. Mena UkodoisReady.
6. Miss Pweedy Face.
7. Madhulika Speaks.
8. P.E.T Projects.
9. Tomilola.
10. Nanaama.
11. Mode.

Get to work amigos :P


  1. how dare u steal my #11 question! :P

    1. Operator service.. you`ve reached Orlando may i help you?

      ma`am i have just been accused of stealing a question..

      operator service.. what do you want us to do..

      ma`am i want you to arrest her for false accusation and lock her up till i give you go ahead to release her.. :D

  2. We do have a whole lot in common. I'm guessing LEO has a lot to do with it. Nice reading about you tho and Mugabe ish cracked me up.

    1. Its a LEO thing TWINNY..Same date?? its Gotta be a LEO thing..Mugabe sure does have those Metal Balls lol

  3. ℓ☺ℓ @ mettalic balls!
    U̶̲̥̅̊я #10. Answer frm a9jagreat's Qs is the same as mine!

    1. Yes metallic balls lol,guess everybody should have the same answer to #10

  4. Didi'S Questions: ons...

    1. Do you have any pets?? not anymore :(
    2. If u were an animal in the wild,what animal would u be and why??: Dog, always happy
    3. Do you agree when i say religion is doing more harm than good?? The interpretation of religion is doing more harm
    4. What`s your favorite song?? too many bro
    5. Do you think non-christians are going to hell??: I plead the 5th
    6. Do you Forgive Easily ??: It depends on the issue/person but eventually I do.(working on it)
    7. If you have to go to the moon and must take just 1 thing with you. what would it be?? :MMMMMUUUUSSSSSIIICCC
    8. Would u agree when i say God needs the devil just to create a balance?? Never thought about thst
    9. Do you Love Gadgets??: Yep!
    10. What`s you favorite color?? Right now its deep purple
    11. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me?? Your blog is great!

    Thanks for the tag Didi and the information inside. I appreciate! xx


    1. You welcome dear,cool answers though..nice to know u more..

  5. Replies
    1. cant wait to get to know u morreee too :)

  6. Hehe i'm definitely loving your number 5...I miss chatting up with you, thanks for the tag :)

    1. Miss chatting you too,will be back soonest..Thanks,Cant wait for your response Yellow SiSi:)

  7. Interesting... I'm gon work on my answers and let you know when they up. Thanks for the tag :D

  8. yaaay I'm back lol.
    congrats on your award.
    my favourite answer. ' i Just celebrate me for who i am and try not to be a copy of someone else.'
    that is the best attitude to have xxx

  9. i'm sooo jealous you get to go to the beach whenever you want

  10. Nice one bro.Good to know we're both Sneaker heads.*knuckle up*

  11. So Sneaker Head! How have you been? Interesting read :D

    Muse Origins

  12. lol @ metallic balls.... and wait is tomilola me? x_x

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