Thursday, February 3, 2011


She is the most comforting,the most charming,she is the best thing that ever happened to me..i sometimes wonder how lucky i must be or how blessed i am or what i have done for GOD to smile down N give me this ANGEL who is always lying to be human...I sometimes panic coz its difficult when this ANGEL IS  4179.07 km to the EAST and i have to travel at the speed of 700nuts in order to make it there in 5hours 30mins "No BIG DEAL"....I wake up everyday with 1 thought in mind,that is how to say thank you to this ANGEL coz she has been there through thick and thin,rain,shine and whatever weather mother nature has for the day and the most fascinating thing is she always gives u a reason to smile even if she is not in the best of moods...I am gonna be forever in debt to this ANGEL and so help me GOD i am gonna love her forever and not even 6ft beneath the earth crush can change the kind of feelings i have for this ANGEL....I look forward to meeting this Mysterious ANGEL and i pray that we gonna rock A PARTY....NAKUPENDA CHELALANG!!!!


  1. awwww that's so sweeet!!! What does Nakupenda Chelalang mean??

  2. ThAnks!! :)...erm NAKUPENDA means i LoVE U in KISWAHILI whiles CHELALANG means a cheerful person in KISWAHILI so Nakupenda Chelalang = i love U cheerful person :).