Monday, June 20, 2011


Hello Blogsville!!!! How was your weekend???. Mine  was Okay although i was a little furious i did not get too many Happy Father`s Day text Messages, i mean i am an up coming young man and some day i`m gonna become a father plus when it was Mother`s day i wished all Females including my 9 month old cousin Happy Mother`s Day. I noticed how those who never had the love they should or never knew their dads said of sort of trashy things about their dads on Twitter,to make matters worse i went over to my mum`s and  it was like any regular day apart from some fun memories we shared about my dad. Before leaving i asked her why she did not send me a Happy Father`s Day text message or even call me to wish me and she said because you are not Married with kids son. I just smiled at her and she smiled back too,if only she knew how many Straight Jabs,Bicycle Kicks,Upper cuts & headbutts she had received in my head,i bet she wouldn`t "jokes".  

I told her to remind me the last time she thought of leaving the operating theater & travel just  to show up for  my kid Brother`s P.T.A meeting without pressure from the school,she looked up and maybe  after some sincere thinking or just wants me to leave in peace or sleep well that night she said Happy Father`s Day. So to all women please, biko ,ejòwó, Meh-paa-chow, ofaine ,请 ,주시기 바랍니다 "had to beg in different languages" encourage us up and coming guys by wishing us a Happy Fathers day or acknowledge every fatherly duty or role we play,it only makes the thoughts of becoming 1 less Scary for Us. Signed my ROYAL SELF, DiDi :)

Now to my main post ..Inspiration,as defined by is..
  1. [noun] arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
  2. [noun] a product of your creative thinking and work; "he had little respect for the inspirations of other artists"; "after years of work his brainchild was a tangible reality"

  3. [noun] a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem
  4. [noun] (theology) a special influence of a divinity on the minds of human beings; "they believe that the books of Scripture were written under divine guidance"

  5. [noun] arousing to a particular emotion or action
I guess we all need Inspiration to go about our daily business. Although its summer  and most of us are either resting, travelling or partying. we all still need that daily dose of Inspiration . Below is my Favorite Inspirational poem by Ian Kennedy  & a few Inspirational pictures i use as Screensaver.

 Inspiration by the light of day, 
Inspiration to make me pray.
Inspiration in my willingness to give, 
Inspiration to move on and live! 
Inspiration to tell my story, 
Inspiration because there is no glory.
Inspiration comes from deep within, 
Inspiration from sorrow and sin.
Inspiration makes this real, 
Inspiration is how i feel.
Inspiration can come from rain, 
Inspiration takes my pain

Enjoy and have a blessed and Fruitful week...GOD BLESS YOU. 


  1. So, I go to church yesterday and the priest calls all men (fathers and potential fathers) to come forward for the church's blessing. This 5/6 yr old boy gets up and joins them. Boy, did we have a good laugh. Well, what can I say? He is a potential father after all.
    Definitely not getting tired of Kwaku Doe anytime soon. There's more to come...
    Happy Father's Day (Belated).

  2. Happy Father's Day Darling. May the future fruit of your loins be joyful, merciful, inspired, compassionate and love you beyond measure.

    Stay blessed...
    if you get that bug to read, I challenge you to stop by and get your brain stimulation on. hopefull you'll challenge me by inspiring me on your perspective on what you read, see and feel.

    Peace my brother....

  3. hey Didi, hows it going? I just thought I'd be nosey but then it didn't stop there. here I am adding my 2 cents, or a little more hehe! so why do you think men need encouraging to be better dad's? shouldn't the choice to be good dads be initiated by them? remember men are good at initiating and pioneering things!
    Also I don't think you should be taking it to heart that you weren't wished a happy fathers day. I am not a mother yet but certainly don't need to be wished a happy mothers day to resolve and aspire to be a good mother in the future. I'd suggest you choose to be a good dad regardless of what you are wished or not.
    As for your mum missing your brother's PTA, I bet she had a very good reason for it. And if your dad attends it then that's all that matters eh! you don't need both parents to be present, do you now? lol I rest my case! peace :-)

  4. I feel you bro.As it is we already are engaging in some fatherly tasks and deserve commendations coupled with the fact that soon we'd be actual fathers.Inspiration is all we need to climb up the ladder of success,and i meant all round success.

  5. Happy 'belated' father's day to you!
    Thanks for the word of the week as seen in that

    Remember you are born to live
    Dont live because you are born!

  6. Lol. This was funny and true too! I think all men, fathers or not should be appreciated (the same goes for women). Likewise on facebook yesterday, some people had the audacity to downgrade some men about not living up to their potentials or not being there for them as a father. I know it's hard not having a father/mother while growing up. But, putting them down is not good either.

    At my Church yesterday, we had a visiting Pastor from Nigeria. So, he asked all the men in the congregation to come up to the altar. He then prayed for them, and other pastors were asked to anoint them with oil. I loved that either. It was really awesome.

    Well, I hope you're having a great start to the week.

  7. Belated good wishes for Father's day, it is never too early to tap into God's blessings. Have a great week.

  8. lol,I'm not wishing yhu any father's day till yhu become one,no dey rush yhu hear,yhur turn is coming :P
    Lovely blog now following :D

  9. Efua see what i mean?? that 5/6 year old knows he is a potential father,i think he is on the speed lane though coz at that age i had no clue what Father`s day was.Its never to early to assume the position though. Thanks for the belated wish though,a bigger thanks for not giving up on Kwaku Doe. :)

    Thank you & Amen Rhapsody.I love your Blog,your can always count on me stopping by. Peace

    J., Is this a Ms.J or Mr.J??? I guess i would know soon.Thanks for stopping by and adding 2 cents,you asked " why do you think men need encouraging to be better dad's?" First of,a man who knows his duty as a father does not need any encouragement in order to fulfill his duties . When it comes to gift shopping for Father`s day too,instead of some women to really take their time to shop,they just go into any store and buy a tie.hahahahaha Tie?? but why?? If i bought U a Scarf instead of that perfume U`ve always wanted,you would smile and say thanks Honey but in your head i know you are preparing me for firing

    I really wasn`t taking it @ heart you know ,i was only trying to create this appreciation awereness especially amongs women. Do you know what happens to men who forget to wish their wives or girlfriends a Happy mother`s day,Valentines day,International women`s day or Birthdays??? .The society has made it seem as if men are made of rock,that ain`t true dear. We are soft too and those little Thank yous,showing Appreciation really does alot. As for the P.T.A meetings,lets just say i have been representing my dad. I also rest my Thanks for passing through. :)

    9ja-Great,Had to hit the nail on the head Bro.They must know that commendations really does help because we are only being brave here,if only they know how some of our peers are scared of Fatherhood lol. Its an Inspiration that brings out the best in Us.

    Thanks for the Belated wish "P.E.T projects",U most welcomed dear. Those pictures help me alot. :)

    *Sweetly Broken* i`m so happy you agree with me,the apprectiation has to come from both Men & Women.On this day its the turn of the men to get it,whether young and upcoming Father or not. Anointing the men was indeed an awesome thing to do.

    Thank you Myne.Have a great week too & true its never too early to tap into God`s blessings. Thanks for reading too,i`m humbled.

    Erm Madam Gretel but why?? lol, i`m not rushing you know all am saying is that we need to be Appreciated. I know in your head you are full of praise for me but just too shy to admit it lol..Thank you for following,i`m also coming to your Blog NOW NOW :)

  10. Happy father's day. And lovely inspiration.
    You love movies too. just came back from the cinema. Took advantage of the 500naira bargain. I saw X-MEN with my friends. Loved it.

  11. ermmm ok? sorry abt the father's day thing but u naa u committed urself...
    'encourage us up and coming guys by wishing us a Happy Fathers day or acknowledge every fatherly duty or role we play,it only makes the thoughts of becoming 1 less Scary for Us.' why should u be scared? smh... lol

  12. lol. Happy Belated Fathers Day then. Forgive!

  13. Yes Tamunoibifiri,I love MOVIES. i was also @ silver bird yesterday.Thanks for the Wish and for passing through. :)

    Erm Julz, let me give you a scenario. Fatherhood to some of us is like having NASA select random people who no training whatsoever,put them in a space rocket and blast the into space. If we carry out duties for NASA they sure would commend us coz they know we are not experts and have no training. ;-)

    Thanks Etoile,for the Belated wish. Its better than none.

  14. Nice poem, we all need inspiration. Happy father's day in arrears! I hope tha makes you feel better.
    First time here and following.
    Please check my blog out at

  15. Yep Yep it makes me feel real Good :). Thanks for the compliments and Thanks for Following,i`m coming to stalk yours.

  16. i feel like this post is directed at me cos u actually wished me 'happy mothers day'. so forgive me, Happy belated father's day

  17. Thanks a lot for following my blog. Happy belated father's day. Your last picture is simply beautiful, I love the message it carries. "The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understands you; it is when you don't understand yourself". To be sincere, a lot of times, I don't.

  18. Uh huh,U see what i`m talking about??? lol Its okay Chizy.. Thanks for the Wish,better belated than never. :)

    U welcome Miss Onakz,thanks for the wish, compliments and for passing through. We all don`t understand ourselves sometimes dear, that's why we need that daily dose of inspiration.

  19. Happy Father's day!! :D Better late than never hehe. Lovely lovely poem!


  20. Yes Adiya,better late than never. Thank you! :)

  21. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ I know that I am late for such an important date. Actually, do not consider this a late Happy Father's Day but more that I am giving you early wishes for next year! :)
    Being a dad sure is tough and it's something that only us men can do! Your turn will come!!!

  22. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ We all need a little inspiration now and then. And if you think about it, inspiration is really what keeps us moving in the direction of our dreams and goals. I appreciate the fact that you have focused on this theme, as it is so important. Even the most positive, optimistic people have their down times for a variety of reasons. It can be tough and challenging to keep that ‘stiff upper lip’ when things do not always go as we’d like, or hope them to.
    It’s refreshing to read your simple but powerful message of hope and inspiration.

  23. Its never too late Seth,infact its better late than never. Being a dad is sure not easy and as U`ve stated,its something only us men can,not in a hurry to become 1 though,i`m patiently waiting for my Turn.Looking forward to your early wishes next year. We all do have our down moments coz when things don`t go as planned,frustration sets in sometimes.That`s why we need to be inspired on daily basis .Thanks for the wish and Compliments. :)