Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who am i ????

 Hello Blogsville!!!!. How is everybody doing???? How is your weekend ???? Mine has been fun so far coz its Summer Break and that means NO to SLEEP and YES to PARTY. I noticed i did not give a formal introduction when i joined the blogging world and so i decided to write about myself..Likes,Dislikes,weird stuffs and random things.....

 My name is "DiDi" Darling-Dennis OluwaTayo Kudadze .I was born in Lagos State to a Nigerian dad & Ghanaian mum. The 1st of 4 kids, was once a Muslim but later converted to a Christian. Did not know whats up back then all i knew was i loved my DADDY to the Max and so whatever he does,i do tooo. 

I Started playing football @ age 8  for PEPSI FOOTBALL ACADEMY ,after 2 years  i had my 1st ever International transfer to a British owned football academy in Ghana NETWORK ACADEMY where i played in various divisions till i went away on Loan to Eagle Giants Fc. This was the first time my mum who is now my manager showed interest when it came to me playing football.Before i move on, let me tell you a little bit about my MUM.

My mother is 1 of those no non-sense ,slap that taste out of your mouth, flog the evil out of your heart and because i say so type of person,she never gave room for explanation. For that i did not like her that much, my dad has always been my best friend but the sad thing was he traveled alot and  for this reason i had to occupy myself till my dad gets back. My mum dashed me to the Catholic church we attended "NO JOKE", her reason was that i was too stubborn and so the Rev.Fathers would help shape me.In my defense i would say she did not understand me at all .I am the type who believes you have no right to make me do things and your reason is BECAUSE I SAY SO. Although i was young,i did not tolerate that.  I became a Mass server,lived in the Mission house for years. My daddy asked if i was okay there and i said yes because apart from attending training sessions and doing chores around the mission house & Church, the FOOD was AWESOME!!!. "don`t blame me lol"..I did not want to go back to my mum plus was confused by OYIMBO FOOD "western dishes"..Anyway all that passed and i`m happy because i had alot  of exposure and experience. 2 years ago she gave me a Random phone call and apologized for all she put me through when i was  little . I told her it was Okay and for the 1st time told her I LOVED HER. I was glad she did though because although i loved her,i never shared a roof with her since my early teens even when we moved to Ghana..WE ARE BEST FRIENDS NOW.

My dad  "May his soul rest in Peace" Was a loving man!. Although we had our moments,he was the coolest. He was calm and always ready to talk about anything,YES ANYTHING..this dude started SEX education when i was 9 after discovering an IKEBE SUPER mag in my Drawer..what i love the most about him was he always spends time with my siblings and i just to catch up with what he has missed whiles he was away & the level of Confidentiality,his lips were always sealed no matter how mad he is at me or no matter what i have done,he never believed in whooping my ass,he did more talking which always makes me break done in tears unlike MAMA ALMIGHTY who knows the right combo combinations to a perfect ..i could go on and On..Sadly he was poisoned in 2001,the main reason we Moved to Ghana.

Now my name, It took a Looooooooooooooooooooooooong while for me to get comfortable with the name DARLING-DENNIS.,i mean of all the names in the world my parents decided to add DARLING to my DENNIS forgetting how its like to attend school in Nigeria with a name like that, Only the white kids found it cool back then. The rest of the kids kept inventing names for me..Like DING DONG, DODO"fried plantain",DiDiRiN "forgotten what is really means but i`m sure it has to do with being dumb". Once asked my mum why they decided to give me that name and all she said was at the right time she would tell me. This is 1 thing i dislike about older folks,they will hold on to something as if its the 8th wonder of the world. Anyway i`m still waiting for her response,when she tells me i will let you know too. I`m loving the name Now more that Ever well coz they Ladies Finds this plus it always get me attention, Some GOOD and some BAD.

Now to things i like ..I like to clean,scrub "whenever i`m pissed or bored,the bathroom tiles suffer",do my laundry. I like asking  questions coz i hate it when i don`t know ,I don`t play with my Music,i listen to all kinds of Music even the ones in languages i don`t understand. I like all kinds of Movies but Horror ones,i don`t see scaring me as entertainment. I read alot,from religious books to Mags to School Books "which i haven`t done since i dropped out of Uni in 2007,don`t be alarmed coz i`m going back or let me say i`m back already" . If you notice i`m following countless blogs,believe it or not i read all the posts they have up,the only time i don`t is when i`m handicapped gadget wise . I like people who would look me in the eye and tell me you did this or did that and for that i`m hurt,i would explain what prompted that Action at the said time, apologize and we move on. But if you are 1 of those who always want to Pyramid of Giza delivered to your door before accepting the apology then i can assure you would need more than 1 life time for that to happen. I like to hang out at the beach whenever i`m bored,slept there countless times coz i just enjoy the breeze although it gets CRAZY cold from around 2 to 5 am "a habit i picked from my dad".  I like to Travelling,meeting new people and experiencing different way of life, don`t mind going on a trip and coming back home Broke . I like Sneakers,by liking i don`t mean 1 ,2,3 pairs..i`m talking 30 to 40 and counting..Some believe its a problem but i think they have to mind their business.,I like to check up on friends and Family everyday especially family ..."let me cut this Short coz i don`t think i will ever finish ."

Dislikes...I don`t like people who behave as if they are holier than thou,Hugging Bible/Quran  24/7 & passing judgments on people who don things we believe ain`t morally right. Its by his grace we all wake up everyday and it hurts when i see some people walk around as if they have earned it. I believe no matter how bad people might be,we are not different from them and the best we can do for them is Pray for them. I don`t like the smell of Fresh fish,if i have to eat fish then it has to be canned. I don`t like selfish me me me, we can never get along. I dislike people who Brag,who don`t show appreciation ,who find it hard to say SORRY,THANKS & PLEASE,who thinks the world revolves around them and to my super dumb ones who thinks the sun needs their permission to shine or the rain needs their permission to fall.

Some of my best kept secret...All my life i have fought just 3 times which offcourse was in primary school, out of these 3 fights i lost the 1st one to a GIRL at the Play ground..Wait before u start  laughing,this  Calabar girl was short but STRONG JEEZ!!! , i thought i could beat her up without trying just to gain some sort of reputation but my people God had a different plan for me. She managed to get me to the ground,sat on me & fed me with white sand. I was saved by the bell that signaled that break was over..the other 2 went in my favor,funny jokes about my name started the fight.

I have NEVER bought a gift for any girl apart from my sister and MaMa on Valentines Day,I know u gonna wonder why. I haven`t had a relationship within that period.. Still on girls,I have dated just 2 black girls,a South African & a Kenyan.,the rest?? yes your guess is as good as mine.I have never dumped anyone before we always break up coz she or I have to move and she can`t do distant relationship and all sort of i always ask, what  if we were married and i have to travel?? would you Divorce me and re-marry?? Guess that's just my luck. well  i`m single at the moment and not looking for now but when i`m ready my new girl have to let me know what she would do if she or myself had to travel to a different country. Lastly I`m extra careful on my Birthday coz i have had 2 near death experiences on  this day. 

Theres more but i think this is enough to set the ball rolling....


  1. LOL this your post cracked me up. It's good your mum handled you with so much care then, if you were already reading 'ikebe super' at a very young age :P. Funny enough I don't know this magazine but I just sense something funny about it from the way your dad reacted.

    Sorry to hear about the sad demise of your father

    And it was nice to get to read some stuffs about you.

  2. Darling-Dennis? hehehe I should give you a nickname too. lol

  3. MsJB, Ikebe Super was like the comic version of playboy..pulled alot of strings to get that @ that age,an issue earned me respect for a term or 2 lol. My dad is a way of making you see that what i did was`t cool,helped me alot.

    @Julz,I beg no extra nicknames oh,i think my name is already 1. lol

  4. Awww thanks for sharing this! It was such an interesting read. May your dad's soul rest in peace. He sounds like an awesome dude.

    LOL at the girl beating you up! Hehehe How did you survive in school after that Darling-Dennis :D


  5. lool i feel lyk you're advertising yourself for your dream girl or sumn :P
    i feel like most african mum's are lyk your mum haha

  6. Aww... lol. This does make me know and understand you better. Come for a hug. Don't worry, God makes everything beautiful in His own time. Sorry about your Dad.

  7. Adiya, My dad was an awesome man,he was so cool and calm"may soul rest in peace". As for the beating i got from that Calabar girl,hmm i did not set foot on that playground till the next term coz i was more popular than the Head Mistress lol.

    Kitkat,U think am advertising myself to my dream girl??? hahahaha then "Miss Enugu Obioma Isiwu" who is 1 of the contestant`s for miss Nigeria better come read my post..for details click

    Etoile,God sure does make everything beautiful in his own time,can`t wait for my BIG HUG lol..Thanks for reading guys

  8. errmmmmmmmm 4 compliments 4 ds no nid 2 b told of.....n 4 ma name,i alrdy gave u dt.... *winks*

  9. hahaha Thats my Rockstar baby!! ;-)

  10. Darling like your mom tho

  11. Erm Sisi Yemmie i`m guessing you the no Non-sense type Thanks though.

  12. lol.. didn't know u were this funny.
    Where do i start with my comments pheew it was a very long post ooo. Anyway great to know u better, can't wait to read the continuation for more laffs.
    As for the MBGN contestant, don't forget to give us details if she contacts u

  13. you are an interesting man !!
    looking forward to new posts.

  14. lol I try Chizy and sure I`m gonna hit u up when the MBGN contestant contacts me coz if not for your blog,i would not have seen her..Thumbs Up ;-)

    Thanks Jyoti,more post coming up soon :)

  15. Your mom reminds me of mine. Interesting thing is they sober up when you grow up or is it when they grow up? (probably when they grow up and don't have the strength no more to beat the flipping daylights outta ya).

  16. Your mum was like that too?? Eh then i guess i can confidently say that's how most African mums are & yes they tend to sober up when they start growing old.

  17. I can relate to some of these... DIDI did u say Ikebe Super? I remember seeing those magazine in my best friend's brother's room anytime I would go for my monthly issue of BINTA that she would never return after borrowing. lol! It had those interesting cartoons and things....

  18. Lol. This post was funny and interesting too. My mom is more of the laid-back type (most of the time). Good to know these things about you.

  19. Yes Enyonam Ikebe oh,instead of struggling for Binta like my mates did. lol

    @Sweetly Broken..Thanks for visiting,happy U read this post so i won`t go through the Know me,Know you process again. :)

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  21. Blessings.....
    Just cruising bloggersville and happened upon your blog. I find your honesty refreshing and your expressions familiar and funny.

    Like you I like to read although at times its mood motivated. I am a straight shooter, I tell it like it is and I don't suffer fools. I am able however to temper it with tolerance and acceptance. I simply let people be who they are whatever that is.

    I believe people make time for what they feel is important and the excuses they give for not showing up, never being there are just that excuses, why not be honest and say, I am not interested, no I cannot come or I just don't want to? It isn't always about the quanity of time rather the quality. i.e. when you there make it count, be present, be available, be accountable.

    I have learnt to let people go who have no desire to stay in my life or remain friends, that includes family. I cannot and will not chain a person to me, it doesn't make sense. Plus I have to give it up to the Divine master who knows all and sees all and understand that sometimes some things has a season and when that season has been fulfulled then its time to move forward and be. Difficult lesson to learn but I have learnt it though still at times challenged by it when the ego gets in the. I am at times a slow but thorough learner.

    I can say more however I elect to close here, if you are interesting come on by, feel free put your food up and relax and read and comment on anything you like, wisdom is always best when shared.

    When someone loves you truly, they will go anywhere with you and they will wait if that is what it takes to have you in their arms again.


  22. Yes Ema i have changed lol

    Thanks for the compliments Rhapsody,I love your comment. Especially the part that has to do with who stays in your life and who doesn`t coz the choice to stay or not to is theirs to make. Thanks for reading. i`m so stalking your blog. :)

  23. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Well Hello to you too! Glad that we have made the connection and I must say, I really enjoyed getting to know you better! Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. The personal nature of the blog is what most people, including myself, will find appealing.
    You are quite the remarkable young man! I bet you have some real good stories to share about your childhood. :) Never the less... life is what you make of it and i hope you are making the very best of what comes your way. Cheers!

  24. You are right Seth,life is what we make it & yes by God`s Grace i think i`m on the right path.Thanks for the compliments and for taking time to read.I`m humbled.

  25. blessings.....
    Just stopped in to say hello....

  26. Hi Rhapsody, Thanks for stopping by, Thats so cool of you. :)

  27. Nice meeting you Didi!!
    Don't ever change.
    Years down the line WHEN you publish your life story, I'll be sure to buy several copies for my kids, nephews & nieces. I know it will inspire them in a positive way.

    I respect your mom for making that phone call.

  28. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ I for one am Glaad that we have connected. You certainly bring a lot to the blogging community and I do enjoy reading all your entries... you have quite the sense of humor! I can appreciate that.

  29. Think-About-It,Nice meeting you too. Thanks for the idea,i`m gonna consider publishing in Future it in future. Trust me,i learnt a valuable lesson from that phone call and i respect her alot for making it.

    I`m Glad we have connected too Seth,i`m happy you enjoy reading my posts. Thanks for the compliments.

  30. Darling Dennis!! I just thought of a nickname for you but you come across as nice and sweet, so I'll be nice...*cheeky grin*
    I like your mom. She's my kind of woman.
    May your Dad's soul rest it peace.

  31. Thanks for not giving me any nick names Gbemisoke, :), U like my mum?? i`m guessing you are the no non-sense type too. she is a nice person,she just wants to make sure she has everything under control.Thanks for the Wish,May his soul rest in peace.