Monday, August 8, 2011

Ghana Vs Nigeria!!!!!

Hello Blogsville!!!! How have Y`all Been??? I`m good,hope you had  lovely weekend. First of i would like to say happy new Month to everybody. Welcome to my month which is the best Month of the year coz August Borns Rock!!!!! we rock. My birthday is on the 16th and i`m looking forward to have an awesome one with somebody from my I wish post. :) My wish came through.!! Whoop Whoop!

Away from #AUGUSTRUSH brags,Its here again.Whats here?? The Clash of the Titans! :) . Ghana Vs Nigeria!!! The Atmosphere here in Ghana is lively ,Confidence level is Sky high & everybody is patiently waiting for tomorrow`s game in London. The friendly rivalry lives on.The Super Eagles have failed to win their last three matches against the Black Stars, including a 1 – 4 loss in 2007 in a friendly match. In fact, Nigeria’s Super Eagles are yet to beat Ghana’s Black Stars since 2006 when they won by a lone goal at the Africa Cup of Nations.
 The question i have been answering for years still comes Up,"Who are you rooting for??" My answer is ,may the best team win coz its a Win-Win situation for me. What are your views???? Do you think the Nigeria would turn things around??


  1. Happy new month to u too :)
    Its a special month for all Indians, we got independence in 15 Aug

  2. It's always a serious battle whenever Nigeria has to play Ghana.Well,Nigeria is doing well so far so i believe the table might turn this time.

  3. Jyoti!..Thats awesome,see alot of big things happening in My month.

    U think Bro?? Lets wait and i said its a Win-Win situation for me :)

  4. 4 yr bdae,yr rockstar babe got ***** n 4 tournaments,u n i knw dt i wnt go der cs i dnt evn knw its

  5. U sure U got me Empress?? hitting u up in a bit..

  6. I will just appreciate watching a good game, don't care which team wins. Though i'd be pleasantly and happily surprised if Nigeria wins

  7. i got u BB n u knw ;) kal agn,d 1st 1 wsnt enaf...#missment

  8. Blessings Darling, its wonderful to read you doing well. Thank you for stopping by, it was absolutely lovely to see you.

    Enjoy yourself. I haven't actively watch soccer in years, bad I know seeing that I not only grew up with the sport I played it for a bit.

    Take care.....
    Stay blessed and keep visiting.

  9. who cares about soccer?lol. hw r ya? :)

  10. Lool!!! Err sorry, but i'm with Kitkat lol!! Buuuut Super Eagles :D Even if they suck i'd still root for them



  11. Heyy.. You have a lovely blog...!!
    I loved it and yeah.. i'll have to admit that this month ofcourse is a good month.. many festivals.. some great happening... and the list is endless ;)
    I am following you for sure and wish to see you around at
    happy blogging..!!

  12. Dont know much about the football but August is a very special month for me...

  13. that match has been postponed so we'll look forward to the clash in september! But on a brighter note, the premiership starts today so woohoo! Happy birthday in advance.

  14. Thanks for Visiting Rhapsody, wow U played soccer too??? please switch to soccer watching mode please.Stay blessed and thanks for visiting :)

    KITKAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!! i`m good Dear and erm i care about soccer lol.

    I love the spirit Adiya,Root for them even if they suck..9ja for life :)

    Deola,thanks for the visit..were you also born in this special month of August??

    Yep it has been postponed P.E.T Projects,Thanks to the looters..Thank you for the Birthday wish :)

  15. soccer! soccer!! soccer!!!....wat a passionate and mind blowing game. I bet almost any1 will kill for.........