Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let God Do The Pushing For You ......

Hello Blogsville!!!! How have Y`all Been??? I have been good, just been busy with trials and after which i went on a mini vacation before Pre-season. Pre-season is a period where Footballers go through hectic drills just to get ready for the new season. This Year`s Pre-season begins in late August,knowing how crazy pre-season can be my usual preparation mode was to try take my mind of it coz thinking how hectic it is alone is enough to make you wanna Quit. I developed a whole new attitude after last year`s session after having a chat with a Local who was a trench digger. It was 5am in the morning ,we assembled at the base of a mountain in the blistering cold. Fitness coach tells us we have 1hr  to  get up the mountain , do another 2km run and the report back to base.

We were followed by the team bus and were handed water or being picked up if we fail to make it,being picked up means you are not ready for business and you not gonna get signed for that season. So no matter what happens U dare not get on the bus. We all made it up,did the 2km run and back to base but not under an hour coz we could barely lift our legs after getting up the Mountain. All the Coach wanted was for us to make a good time and he was impressed  coz we were only 15mins late.

We went back to our hotel,had breakfast took a nap and woke up to have lunch. After lunch i decided to take a walk, i got to the junction sat at the bus stop where i met the trench digger. We exchanged pleasantries,got talking and he told me he saw us run up the mountain. Immediately i started to tell him how tedious it was and how hard you had to push yourself in order to beat time and all that,i felt i was not making sense coz he did`t seem interested ,well what does he know he is not an athlete so he would not understand. 

1 of My Motivational Tees...
He looked At me and said that is hard, but look You ran for just 1hr,i`m a trench digger and i dig from 6 to 6 . 6 to 6 ??? i asked and he said yes and the also had to meet a dead line coz it was a telecom project and their contract would be terminated if they don`t. Before i met this guy i felt i had the hardest task of Pre-seaon but after meeting him i thought otherwise. I asked how he does it,how does he manage to go day in day out just digging,its crazy and its enough to make you break down. I don`t do anything he said,i just ask GOD to do the Pushing for me,although painful and tedious i know he controls  every swing of the digger.
I left the bus stop knowing that choosing to be alone or asking GOD for help is my choice to make & trust me,i let him do the PUSHING for me.

No matter what field,industry or situation you find yourselves always remember to ask GOD to do the Pushing for you. :)

 Moi Standing on the protection rail at the Mid-Section of the mountain.

Becca - Push ft King Ayisoba & Trigmatic



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  2. Wow. You're a football in soccer?? That's nice though.

    And you're right about that...God is the only one who can push us in the right direction. We should always look to him to direct our every path.

    I love the t-shirt...very nice!

  3. Word! Only GOD can push us in the right direction.Yep i`m a footballer :)

  4. Lovely post...It sure takes God's pushing to reach the desired position...wish you the best in this years pre-season :) Happy New month

  5. ur a footballer!!! dat was my first question too. God pass dem for we work by faith not by sight o

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  7. blessings darling.....
    so you decide to temp faith and stand on the protection instead of abide by the safety it offers?

    You see how we challenge things to go wrong and then question why?

    Please darling by all means live but do exercise some wisdom in the challenges you take hmmmmmm?

    I would welcome the opportunity to see you play on the tele and not have to read some sad obit here or else where., love, laugh and pray

  8. Wow. I learnt something else in Didi 101. The post is a great reminder. Thanks for sharing

  9. WORD!!! iv jst learned dat no mata wht der z alwys light @ d end of d piece

  10. I never knew you were a footballer o. Well done! Many times, if we will just hand over the tasks to God, he makes it easier for us to handle

  11. Didn't know you were a footballer until now. WOW. I pray you become very great and talented in your game.

  12. Didi simple but very salient truth..... Take care dear

  13. Such an inspirational post, great start for the week. :) I agree whole heartedly and I wish you much success on your future endeavors.

  14. Great post and very inspirational. I suspected you were a footballer. :)

  15. love the inspiration ... wish u success all d way

  16. True words Didi!!
    Anytime we let God do the pushing for us, whatever effort we put in don't go wasted.

    I dig the Becca video. We need to tell her to put you in her next one. Especially since the ladies here are digging Didi the soccer star. :-)

  17. I didn't even know you were a footballer, love your pics!

  18. Mehn! It's not easy oh. When you think your life is hard, someone else is going through worse.

    I know you're a footballer from a post you put up earlier about yourself.

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    Muse Origins

  19. Yep Julz..true talk.

    Thank You Yellow SiSi. Happy new month!! Its our Month #teamleofinesexyawesomeflyintelligenthandsomebeautifulsmart

    Thank You MsJB :)

    Yes Olori,i`m a footballer :)

    Its always being my dream to play on the big stage and get people from accross the globe watch me play.still working towards acheiving that dream.

    Will abide by the rules and not stand on the rail again..guess i got carried away. Happy New Month..

    Thanks Etoile,glad its serving as a great reminder. :)

    My Empress Caro. A.K.A Queen Bee..U are so on Point.

    I am a footballer ilola. Thank You & yes if we hand over the tasks to God he makes it Easier for us.

    Amen Tamunoibifiri,Now you know. :)

    Thank you Enybees...take care too :)

    Thanks you Soft Spoken,glad you found it inspiring.

    Tetekai,U did?? How?? Thanks though.

    Amen Chizy. Thanks :)

    Think-About-It..I would be soooo Happy if U puts me in her next video,love her!!!..Guess i`m getting alot of attention here..its enough motivation to get me going..

    Now u do Myne,thank you :)

    Adiya!!..*keeping my calm coz u did not forget i am a was on my who am i post :)

  20. best post I have read all year. totally inspiring...