Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Hello Blogsville!!!! How was your weekend?? I had a good one and was on the Low Low *no trouble making*. I`m all smiles.Not just because MsJB passed a Lovely Blog Award to me but because she sees beyond me being M.I.A for sometime now.  This happens to be mY second and hers Too. Thanks A Millie MsJB.

The Rules:
 I. Answer the questions below
 II. Tell seven random things about yourself
III. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers


I. Questions

1. Name your favorite colour
    Hmm sorry i`m gonna be a lil Greedy here,I  LOVE all colors.
2. Name your favorite song
    Fort Minor -Remember the name.
3. Name your favorite dessert
    Fruits *bananas most especially*
4. What pisses you off?
5. Your favorite pet?
  Erm Dogs but if You would consider SHARKS as pets "coz i do"then yes a Shark too,hope to own a Shark Tank.
6 .Black or white?
7. Your biggest fear?
    Going to hell.
8. Everyday attitude?
    Positive energy all the way.
9. Your best feature?
    My Eyes
10. What is perfection?
    Living life in such a way that even if there was no GOD,its gonna make sense.
11. My guilty pleasure
     I <3 Chocolates
II. Seven random things about me

1. I owe it to myself to climb mount Kilimanjaro & walk on the Great wall of China before i die.

2. I hope to live in the middle of no where someday. No neighbors,Just me.

3.Although i play football,I am very good all the other sports that involve balls. *excluding Rugby &  American football.*

4. I love to sleep at the beach and sometimes wish i see or meet a real life mermaid *covers face*

5.  My mood determines the kind of music i listen to. I`m hyper most of the time.

6. I don`t like the smell of  FRESH FISH,its either canned fish or no fish.

7. Fax machines scares the living day light out of me till date. Its mode of operation is 1 i believe came straight from the depths of hell.

Whew!! Thats some info..now step III
III.Tagging other bloggers..

5. Muse
12. Novisi
13. iNyamu
Congrats in Advance and please pass it on.......


  1. You want to see mammy water?! Lol ahhhh. You deserve the award

  2. erm yes,if possible coz i don`t believe they exist..

  3. Congrats on the Award! My eyes are also one of my best features! :)


  4. hahaha my o my DiDi this definitely made my day the last one got me laughing.....I wonder why you don't like them...bros why na?

  5. congrats on the award..chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

  6. Congrats on the award bro and thanks a millie for passing it to me.

  7. Congrats on your award Didi and thanks a bunch for passing it on to me :o). Glad you are a lil more active now.
    Blogsville just ain't the same without you.

  8. SMH at some of your randoms, I always knew you were strange :)
    Anytime dear

  9. *sweetly Broken* guess that makes 2 of us :)

    Erm Yellow SiSi,have you sat down to really look at how science has failed to explain how it works??? i have and
    i must say is very scary..

    Thanks Chizy & Congrats to you toooo..

    Thanks and Congrats Bro its an honor passing an award to you..

    Awww Thanks Efua and ConGrats to you tooo,i`m also happy to be back :)

    Erm MsJB please don`t shake your head oh,thats me for you :)..

  10. Nice on Didi! Glad i could reaad this. Haha at mermaids *smh* I love Remember the name as well

    Muse Origins

  11. Glad you read this too and the mermaid part hmmm *still covering my face* can`t blame me..i`m just curious..

  12. Thanks for sharing. first time here and following.

  13. Shark?!!!
    I am soo out of here!

  14. buhahhahahahahahh, you sure are funny. You go fear ooo if you see a mermaid.


  15. funny and nice post.
    *mutual guilty pleasure.