Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award ...

Hello Blogsville!!!! How is Y`all doing?? Hope you all having a great week. Well, as for mine? i guess its been Okay coz i`m doing this adjustment thing,thats just by the way."more details later"

Now to the main Post,whiles i was away i received an award from Stiletominded ,Thanks a Millie dear..

The rules of this award state that you must link the person who gives you the award, list 7 things about yourself, and pass the torch to 15 other bloggers. 
7 things:

1. I love Animals.
2. I love Nature.
3. I love gadgets.
4. I just realized i have a thing for flight attendants,Emirates Airlines to be precise. *whew now its out,I hope you happy now Lady Ngo :P*
5. Besides my hyper nature,i can be very very quite at times. *October has been a quite month*
6. I love PASTA!!.
7. During off season*no league period* i spend most of my time at the cinema.

Now the final phase,passing it to 15 other bloggers

 1. Lady Ngo
 2. MsJB 
 3. Yellow SiSi 
 4. Modé. 
 5. Julz
 6. NaNa Ama
 7. Think about it
 8. Ema 
 9. Sugarbelly 
12. Fiifi Adinkra
13.SiSi Yemmie 

Have a blessed weekend Y`all.. ..Peace,Out.! 


  1. This guy is telling stories o! He realized he had a thing for flight attendants long ago, he's just been keeping it a secret from you all lol.

    Thanks for the award tho luv. And you follow some very awesome ppl, my blogroll has expanded because of this post.

    And u still owe me pasta!

  2. Congrats om your award, your list of 7 things made me laugh. Better not be caught ogling the air stewardesses...

  3. I knew about the flight attendants so it ain't no secret to me.LOL Thanks a millie for the award bro.

  4. Congrats on the award... A thing for flight attendants Hmmmmmm na u know

  5. Congrats Didi...on a diff note, quiet is much needed sometimes to it's an awesome balance.

  6. And again Lady Ngo Blows my cover lol..You welcome dear,happy your blog is expanding nicely, ;-)

    Thanks Myne,I would try not to get

    Hmm yes Bro this is no news or secret to you..U welcome Bro..

    Thanks Chizy and yes na me

    Yes Stella, a balance is very necessary. Thanks ;)

  7. LOL SMH for you
    Thanks for the award :)

  8. Oh boy! I'm honored.
    Thanks Didi. This is scary cos that means a layer of my anonymity must come off now. :-)

  9. MsJB stop Shaking that head Ohh,it will fal off.. :P

    Think about it,well i guess a layer would not be too much:)