Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebration Of Life...

I remember our 1st arguement,it was over Chicken & yes you made your point after buying me a full chicken.

I remember tennis saturdays...

I remember the 1st time you whooped my ass & apologize afterwards...

I remember our mama must not find out sessions..*she still hasn`t found out*

I remember our wako cooking..we just mixed anything in sight and consume it before mama gets back from work..

I remember our summer Vacation routines..from parks to Zoos...

I remember our roaming seasons,we cruised like we own the city... :)

I remember your Crazy jokes...

I remember all the advices you gave me..Yes i`m still going HaRD!

I remember the first pick up lines you gave me ...they don`t work these days dad,Girls of today are weird & don`t wanna hear

I remember your crazy equations,for me the craziest is still your Addition of 2 boys + 1 Woman = 1

DAddy i still remember how we use to party on your Birthday & so, i have my Glass raised. A toast to the Greatest Daddy in the world. Gone but not forgotten coz your Legacy lives on.HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.
#Amilliongunsalute #itsacelebrationoflife.


  1. HAppy Birthday to your dad.. From your lines about him, you must have been a lucky person to have had him, however short that lasted.

  2. This was really nice. Happy Birthday to your dad!!!

  3. Didi.... :'( :'( :'( *wipes tears*

  4. awwww.... memories help keep loved ones alive.

  5. YOu were blessed my Darling, and just so you know, he is not gone in spirit only in body. He is with you always.

    Happy Birthday Darling's Daddy

  6. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad!

    What a way to Celebrate his life...way to go!

  7. Aww this is so touching!
    May his soul continue to rest in peace

  8. To the man!
    I remember your post about him from way back.

  9. Hmmmm,this is very very lovely.I wonder why i'm just seeing it.Anyways,Happy birthday to your dad,yeah i know,belated! LOL

  10. lovely words, beautiful post . really touching. Tough when we lose a dear one. Belated happy birthday to your dad. first time here and following because am loving your blog. check out mine

  11. *Raising a glass too*
    Belated birthday wishes to an obviously wonderful Dad.

    2 boys + 1 Woman = 1 MAN? Interesting lol

    1st time here and following. you can check mine out too

  12. Yes HoneyDame,i`m very lucky to have him as dad

    Thanks LadyNgo :)

    awww Gretel,please smile for me else i cry tooo....

    Thank you,yellow SiSi

    Yes they do fantasy queen :)

    Yes he is always with me in Spirit,Thanks Rhapsody

    Thank you *sweetly Broken*

    Amen & thanks MsJB

    yes,Think about it. To the Man!!

    Thank you 9ja-Great..

    Thanks Priscy,Stalking your blog tooo

    Thanks Toinlicious & yes daddy told me 2 boys + 1 Woman = 1 MAN :)

    Thanks for the love y`all,i appreciate.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Dad. He sounds like he was lots of fun to be with. Lwkmd @ 2 Boys + 1 Woman= 1 Man. I bet he is mighty proud of you.

  14. Awesome post, really inspiring. The things our fathers do for us... I'm gonna use this medium to tell mine how much I love him...
    Btw, Lovely blog... already following.

    I'm at

  15. yes Che he was and is gonna forever be awesome,u gotta love his equation to check your blog out too,thanks for passing thru and commenting.. :)

    Please do that Misspewddyface,thanks for going to stalk yours.. :)