Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I`M BACK!!!!!!!

Greetings My fellow Blogsville Dwellers *Obasanjo`s Voice* .How have you guys been??? ,Its been Ages !!!! *Smiley face*. Erm i don`t see any smiles,Please don`t be mad at me for disappearing into thin air after MY AWESOME WEEKEND WITH BECCA. Trust me nothing happened. lol 
My disappearance was due to some sacrifices i had to make,although it hurt alil bit i`m glad i did because i go that extra mile to put a smile on the faces of my Friends. I see cobwebs all over my blog,well times up amigo thanks for filling in for me..*Picks Up a Broom & wave in their direction* .Phew..E no Easy..

Looking at my dashboard, i noticed i have a lot of reading / catching up to do. Thanks to my HTC HD 2 for helping me keep up till i got fed up of reading small fonts.I still hear grumbles,i said i`m sorry now!!! :(   *raises head*, okay so why is everybody murmuring???? we want to know  what you have been upto..*someone yelled* .Oh that????, Haba no problem now,i was coming to that..Hmm *clears throat* I have not been upto alot ooo, just my regular visit to the Gym for my cardio session,lots of errands from MAMA ALMIGHTY and Team Affairs..Not interesting???? OKay Okay let me skip the boring Part..*Raising Agbada* .. well attended a few partys ,BBQS but did loadz of visit to the Silver bird Cinemas. Wait  thats not all!!! I attended the the Premier of Adams Apple. Its a 10 chapter movie by SPARROW PRODUCTION,just 2 chapters of the 10 chapters have been shown to the Public because..Errm you guessed right,the rest is still in Production. 
I think the African Movie industry is growing by the day and HOLLY + BOLLY + WHATEVER WOODS u can think of have to be ready because they gonna have their minds Blown away!!! 

Here are the Trailers

Now Away from the Trailers, i`m so Happy i`m back and erm i`m hungry so i wanna go grab some lunch,come back to my dash board and read myself  Away..*still hearing Murmurs* ah ah wetin again now??? .. I have to launch my Come back???...*holds head looks & back at the audience* Okay..i`m ordering Drinks,guess we need a theme music to go..I have an all time favorite . ;-)


  1. Yeah,you shoulda lunched your come back with nominating my blog for something in the nigerian blog awards.

  2. Good to have you back!
    Good choice on the theme music. Can't go wrong with anything from the west coast (the best coast).

  3. yay! he lives! was starting to think u were done with blogsville *sighs*
    Nollywood is definitely stepping up though there's still much room 4 improvement!

  4. No kitkat, i`m not done with blogsville. I`m back for Goood.

    Yep Yep the west coast sure is the best coast ;-)

  5. Heard about the Adams Apples Series but not got the chance to watch any. Are they as good as they've been hyped to be?
    Welcome back.

  6. Thanks Efua...the Adams Apple series is worth the hype..please see it and my my my U gonna love it!

  7. Yay! Welcome back :D

    Honestly oh, Africans are going places! :D


  8. Eeyah welcome back dear, bet u'll b done with the cobwebs soonest

  9. Thanks Chizy,the cobwebs are

  10. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Well... here's hoping that you don't decide to up and leave again. This time you only have the cobwebs to get rid of... next time you may have to fight with those nasty dust bunnies!!
    I haven't seen this Adams Apple - chapter movie series. Looks pretty good! If the African movie industry is growing really rapidly as you say, perhaps we will get to see some productions here in Canada soon. One can hope. Perhaps the Nigerian movie industry should be participating in the Cannes Film Festival. Something that should be considered.

  11. I don`t intend to leave again Seth,the movie industry is indeed growing and i guess with time they going to have premiers in Canada like they have in the states and London.